Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guns And Babies...Reader Says Grabbing Them Makes More Government

From Julie S. on my FB page:

"Because of great successes in controlling communicable diseases in recent
decades, government entities that were set up for the purpose of disease control
have looked to expand their operations into other fields--to assure their
continued long-term funding. So back in the 80's, the federal Centers for
Disease Control decided guns were a "public health" issue" Dave Kopel Freedom
1st magazine. And so the anti-gun movement began..with our tax money funding a
department intent on taking away our rights...WITH OUR OWN MONEY! So with our
own money.....we have to fund our own warriors and defenders to keep the
government from using OUR MONEY to rob us of our liberty. WTH?"

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Anonymous said...

I cannot conceive of civilized democracy that preys upon it children and makes an institution out of disarming its citizens. Some kind of twilight zone right?