Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day Of Session And....Lindsay Roach Wins Art Contest

Lindsay Roach, 6, won the Darington School District art contest in the K-2 division. Wow. Great going, sweetheart! Now on to state!

News of the day:

First a note to the Stuths....Senator Jim Hargrove, Chair of the Human Services and Corrections Committee has agreed to sign on in the number two spot on our two bills. I tried calling tonight but could not reach you. One bill would grant standing in court to grandparents or other relatives in custody cases. The other bill creates a presumption that the family is first for placement (that is in law now but not strong enough).

10 A.M. Tim Eyman held a press conference in the Sec. of State's office as he filed a new initiative. Democrats have already announced that they will repeal I-960 which put in a required 2/3 vote for the legislature to raise taxes. Up until 2 years after the enactment there is a 2/3 vote required to over ride an initiative. After that only a simple majority is needed. The 2 years is up and Dems will remove the I-960 requirement to raise taxes. If Eyman's new initiative passes then the 2/3 requirement will be reinstated.

Noon... Session opened and I was there for the opening of my 20th session as state senator from the 31st District.

Then off to lunch at Anthony's to join a small gathering after the swearing in of new Chief Justice Barabara Madsen. I sat next to Justice Susan Owens...turns out she used to be a trial lawyer who dealt in CPS cases. Justice Richard Sanders was there and others.

2:30 Bari Willard and her husband arrived at my senate office.

4:30 The Willards and my team met with CPS Chief Denise Revels Robinson and her team at the DSHS offices. The meeting lasted 90 minutes and was pretty incredible. They even put in this report that Bari is on dialysis twice a week and yes, has breast cancer... I think DRR had her eyes opened at least a little when her staff lied right in her presence. It was really unbelievable!

7 P.M...I was at the North Lake Tapps Middle School to receive an award for my kindergarten granddaughter. Seems in the K-2 category she won 1st Place in the Art competition. Her piece will go on to the state competition. I was there to receive the award for her in her absence. Congratulation Lindsay! You are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Priceless! The ignorant workers lie face to face to their big boss! We will see if there is backbone in the new top dogs to do the right thing and fire these people!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lindsay!!

I think it`s great that Denise was able to hear the lies. I guess there was no chance of them changing their report to cover their butts. I hope we will all hear that people are fired, Madison is back home where she belongs and justice has been served.

strawberryblonde said...

Lindsey is happily thriving and able to create wonderful works of art. Why, she's talented and lives with her family in a loving stable environment.
Plus she's got a line line of familial talent to follow.

Thank you Senator Roach. The people of the 31st District and across the state need you. It is sad that you are out there alone championing the cause of little children.

I wonder how S-938 of the 111th Congress (2010 Act on Children and Youth) will affect local jurisdiction over CPS?

Anonymous said...

To the Willards: Hang in there! Anyone who reads the comments should be able to see a big difference between the 2 sides of family. Bari and Madison`s mother have not carried on about how bad the other side of the family is but the other side is repeatedly kicking the Willards when they`ve been down for so long. Madison should be growing up with the caring Grandparents she was ripped away from. It`s better for a child to grow up with people who truly love them and not with people who can buy her love.
To Tia: In your comment you talked about the Willards talking bad about your brother, Madison`s dad. Wasn`t that in reality your own mother talking about her son? If you`re going to speak badly of people, maybe it is you who should get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,
God bless you for helping the Willards & others. Everything that you do helpd us all & these children that have been taken from loving homes, withthe lies that have been told. I have spoken with you on the phone & even though we are not in your jurisdection I personallly support you 7 would be very proud to help on your campaign to be relected.Also is there anything that we can do to help make these two bill stronger?
Thank you Senator Roach,We love you.
Grnadmother in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Here is one I got this week. My 2 Grandchildren who have had visitations weekly plus with their father supervised by me without a single problem for about 18 months are suddenly not going to be able to see him at all because it would be too confusing! ???? Don't worry the GAL & I fixed that in court. DUHHHH! The case worker told the kids this in a visit at their school! Since then the children have had multiple melt downs, rashes, depression and headaches. They are better now that they know they can see him. That is just cruel! On the preious ISSP the caseworker lied, we had a witness and notes form her visit at the school to prove it. Why are those comments not stricken from the ISSP? The old comments are there and they just put current comments on the end. Those proven poison lies should have to be removed. It was taken care of outside the courtroom. We got what we needed but the lies remain on paper. NO ACCOUNTABILITY!