Monday, January 11, 2010

CPS...How Hard Could This Possibly Be????

Read in here the reasons that CPS can use for you or against I didn't go on an out of town vacation until I was seven. The first time I was on a plane was when I was a university student...Hawaii? Mexico? have managed to make one good and one bad. Do you have stock in Cabo San Lucas?

This note from Grandma Bari:

"Two things really confused me in your blog. They were both responses from readers. One was YYYYYY which is Madison's aunt (not niece) who is a confused teenager. She stated we could not afford to take Madison on vacation. In fact we had been to Hawaii twice with Madison and will take JXXXX (Bari's grandson) soon as we have friends who own a home there and we use our frequent flyer miles so it does not cost us anything. In our adoption home study denial, they actually used that against us saying we were not financially stable enough to go on vacation.... even though it was all free.
Second was CXXXXXX.... YYYYY's mom and Madison's father's mom saying she was the mystery reader. Why would she say such awful things about her son....even if they were true?"


Anonymous said...

I have an idea. When topics such as these come up in a legal document such as a home study; I believe the court should fine the person saying these frivolous things for taking up the courts time not to mention everybody else's.

Anonymous said...

Good thought from the last poster Except: It appears the courts are somewhat involved in the child trade business with CPS. Even the most uneducated person can see through their lies. and then we have Judges?

Anonymous said...

The judge in my Parental Termination trial looked at the pictures of physical abuse inflicted to my daughter by her foster mother made the appropriate facial expressions of shock and dismay and then terminated my rightS based on what he also knew to be forgeries,fabrications and falsehoods presented by CPS.
In his summation he stated that my incontrovertible proof of forgery on CPS's part and the graphic proof of my daughters neglect and abuse were just not credible.
I was duly terminated even though there were no allegations of neglect, abuse or abandonment on my part.
Prior to the State theft of my child I had sole custody.