Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Faces Of Freedom

I have attended the Tea Parties, was on-hand at the new 2/3 vote for taxes initiative, and here at the Senate Judiciary hearing. Americans are stepping up to halt an onerous government. We must not forget our duties, our heritage, our responsibilities. Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday's hearing:

The room was packed with citizens who took off from work or laid down their retirement hobbies to be heard.

I asked how many in the audience were there to oppose the gun ban bill and all hands went up!

Citizen Merton Cooper drove out from the peninsula to testify. He comes every year. He will not sit by while Seattle liberals are on the hunt.

NRA's Brian Judy flew in from Sacramento. He holds a picture of two mini-Rugers. One is an "assault rife" and the other is a wooden stocked "range rifle." They are the same except for cosmetic differences. One of our readers said they were for guns but not assault rifles. That is Senator Kline's position! The guns are the same except for the cosmetic details. Helllllooooooooooooo! Hello... Hello....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Senator and for your support of the Constitution. I have tears in my eyes as I say this.
As the gun control issue is being battled, I sat in the lobby of court waiting for the beginning of a termination trial on my grandson. A trial that wouldn't have been necessary had I not been lied about and given custody. I was told I had no rights. Imagine being a Constitutionalist American and told you have no rights and no recourse.
I support gun ownership including assault rifles. Should the people need to rise up and take the Government back, we will need those. Is it coming down to that?
When the judiciary creates a judicial system designed to deny people Constitutionally protected rights and that system is protected by immunity, I challenge you to read the Constitution and reply what rights are violated through this. There are a couple.
I don't own a gun, but gun owners need to know that children are being removed from homes or denied relative placement because you have them. Get involved not only with gun owner rights, but liberal's treatment of families who are gun owners.