Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Message From The Front

Joshua sent you a message.

Subject: Second amendment attacks

"I am writing you sitting in a wooden MWR building on a snowy night in
Afghanistan. I was not born in Washington, I was born in Texas. I serve our
nation at Fort Lewis Washington protecting the freedoms that my Forefathers gave
everything to protect. See I had been told my relative were people Like John
Adams, John Quincy Adams, Col. Burleson and men of the like. I am on my second
combat tour in 6 years of service. After my grandpa died while I was in Iraq and
my other when i came back, both WW2 vets, I knew that there are some things a
person must put before their selves. When our nation was made and the
Declaration of Independence was made our founders gave everything, family,
money, and land to make what we have today.
I feel any senator, representative or any other law maker who makes
any laws against our nation's base document... is treasonous and those officials should be impeached for their attempts to foil this great Republic. Thank you and i hope that this will bode well and just for our nations security and defense. The idea of banning weapons in our nation should be compared to the days of when Adolf Hitler banned weapons of his people as well. Every time in history people have their weapons taken away, the government not long after commit atrocities to their people. Is this the path we need to be on?

The proof of what the Nation thinks of this is summed up on this page that is a Government page!;
Here is a last bit of inspiration that i read all the time to help me in my

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Thank YOU, Josh. Thank you for your service and for sharing your love of our Constitution. PR


gorillamum said...

This really got to my heart. I come from an interesting family stock myself. My maiden name is "Stacy" and here is a link about one of my ancestors and his connection to our first President. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

THANK you Josh for your sacrifices in order to serve. May God keep you safe always.

gorillamum said...

Thank you for your service Josh. Please be safe and know all our soldiers are well loved. My son was in the Air Force and served both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for risking everything and thank your family for us as well giving you to us as well.