Saturday, January 16, 2010

SB 6416 and SB 6417 This Thurs. at 3:30

The Alexis Stuth Bill, SB 6416 will be heard on Thursday. This bill will address standing for relatives. I am so glad to say that the bill will be addressed by the Stuth family. The department will also be at the hearing to comment in favor of the bill.

SB 6417 will also be heard. It creates a presumption that the child is able to be placed first with a family member. More later...I have another town meeting this morning. So far I have met with 260 citizens here in-district in a little over a week. Today I will be in Edgewood.

It is beautiful here on the farm. I will enjoy my drive down the Green Valley Rd. It is foggy this morning. The horses in the pastures are blanketed. The trees along the river are spindly and bare. I will drive by the deep green of the Christmas tree farms. And, await spring when we break ground with the new John Deere!


Anonymous said...

I want to make it quite clear in regards to family members. NOBODY should make a general statement blaming "extended family members" that they either "cause or share" the blame. First of all, if you do not live in the same town and you have your own life to live, your own family to think about; how is this supposed to be their fault! I never knew my sister-in-law when her babies were taken AT BIRTH because of a medical allegation against her and low and behold against my brother who wasn't even a patient! How is that my fault? Also, what if she passed her medical testing and they said she "faked" it (mental evaluation)! How is that our fault? Please stop using a general statement in regards to "extended family members". If I had the desire to graduate from college but another family member such as a brother did not; how is that my fault? If I keep a cleaner house than my mother; how is that my fault?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for attempting this bill. It is needed to ensure children are not used as pawns in power-plays by DCFS case workers. We all saw what happened in Stevens Co. from the West side to the East, CPS needs to be reminded to serve the best interest of children and set aside their need for power. This bill will do that.

Anonymous said...

Since Troxel vs Granville created such a ruckus across the US, it seems the pendulum is now swinging slightly the other way. Here is an interesting article about a similar situation as Troxel, but ruled on differently by an Appellate Court. It also reveals State attitude on single parents and the role of the state when a parent dies.