Friday, January 22, 2010

The "Alexis Stuth Act" Making Its Way....Senate Hearing KING 5 Report

Here, Alexis Stuth, is possibly the youngest person in state history to be asked a question of the chair in Senate hearing.

(Please cut and past or go directly to KING

A highlight of my day yesterday was getting hugs from the Stuths, including little Alexis. Chairman Jim Hargrove was very positive about both bills presented.

Mary Mingig (sp), DSHS Ombudsman send testimony in favor of enacting the proposal to enforce our current law that relatives are the FIRST consideration for placement. And, Denise Revels Robinson testified in favor of relative standing (reported by KING 5).

Thank you all who attended. It was not our goal to fill the was our goal to move the bill. Sen. Hargrove is the second signature on the bill and Senator Val Stevens is the Ranking Member and follows Hargrove on the bill that I sponsored. more later. Time is short during session. Keep up the prayers.


Kansas CPS Post Audit said...

This is wonderful news! Thank you Senator Roach! How could people from other states get a copy of this bill?

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

What a darling picture. It actually appears that little Alexis is speaking.

Suitable for framing me thinks and a special place for hanging in your office!

Thank You for all you do.


CC Tillett