Friday, January 22, 2010

"Weapons Ban" Bill Up For Hearing On Tue.

On Tuesday, Washington's version of the federal "assault weapons ban" will be heard in Senate Judiciary at 10 AM. I will work to protect our Second Amendment!

Sen. Adam Kline (D-Leftville) will be trying to pass the same D.C. gun ban that has expired. Even the liberal Congress does not have the votes to pass it again. Washington supporters of the Constitution need to be in Olympia to show support for the rights we have as a free people.


Johnn said...

Thank you! You have no idea how refreshing it is to see that you are holding true to your convictions no matter how tough it may be, there are so many of us who appreciate you doing what you're doing. Tuesday is going to be a tough fight.. Thank you so much for doing your part Mrs. Roach.

gorillamum said...

Even though I do not own a gun, or plan to, it is still our right under the Constitution. What is so sad is the way this country makes money off of letting those who are criminals continue to be criminals instead of getting them educated and on the right path to keep this country great.