Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grandma Bari's Walk...Report #2

"I will be at 14th and Jefferson in Olympia @ 2:00 not 12:00 as predicted. Had some setbacks in time today...... Thanks, Bari"

January 9th, 2010; One year exactly since I watched the heart of my granddaughter, Madison break in two. I did not think I would make it thru that day or any day since then but I have. I have found strength in friends,new and old, family, God and the many wonderful people I have met along this journey. I want to thank each and every one of you. Pam, Cheryl, Brian, The Stuths, Jan Smith and Gorilla Mum, Dave Woods etc... you have been priceless. Lisa you will never ever know what you mean to me and I know I would not be here if it were not for you. Pam Roach readers you have been wonderful support for me and have kept me on my toes fighting for not only Madison but for every child taken for the wrong reasons who has a capable, loving relative to care for them.
The weather was nice today, actually a good day for walking. No rain, and the sun came out and smiled on me. I walked thru parts of the "big city" that opened my eyes. I have never experienced some of the things I saw today and feel so lucky to have lived the life I have even though there have been heartbreaks along the way. I passed two families living on the streets with small children. It broke my heart to see them and also angered me to think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in our state being wasted by DSHS on cases like Madison when there are families in real need of some assistance. Doesn't DSHS stand for Department of Social and Health Services? Should they not be providing service instead of heartbreak? As I was sitting changing my shoes and socks in a "street house" as the woman called it, she asked me for my wet shoes and socks. She did not care if they were wet or even if they fit her.... she said they were better than what she had. I gave them to her and I left with tears in my eyes. I realize maybe some people chose to live this way, however, I believe in my heart that the two mothers I met desperately wanted help.
Tomorrow more walking, meeting people and experiencing our beautiful state. I hope I walk by a church sometime, I will miss services at home tomorrow. Orcas Island has a wonderful Community Church and we have been so blessed by the people there. I work there in the evenings with the children. We house the community food bank which we donate to as much as we can. We are not rich by any means, but time and effort are also valuable assets.
Monday I will be at the corner of 14th AVE and JEFFERSON at noon to finish the last leg of my journey to the Capitol Building. I would love as many people to walk with me as are willing. We need to send the message that DSHS is not working in the best interests of our children and things need to change!!!
My final thoughts tonight are family. A lot of mud slinging has been done surrounding this case and many others I assume. Both our family and Madison's deceased father and his family love Madison with all our hearts. We only want what is best for Madison. We differ in our thoughts of what that is now, but we didn't before DSHS got involved. If DSHS had not lied, I am sure we all would be in Mexico together and Madison would be enjoying her entire loving family as she well deserves. Remember, we all as families love our children unconditionally. DSHS is the entity that is providing grief. We need to fight DSHS not each other.

To my dear grandson, Jayden. Grandma so loved your phone call today and I am so happy you went to the beach with Papa... Grandma will be home soon....

Love to you all, Bari

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