Saturday, January 16, 2010

KING TV Survey 11-23-09 Shows Gregoire At New Lows

During the last 9 days I have had meetings in my legislative district with turnouts that are like none before. I have spoken to over 300 people right here at home.

In Survey USA’s November poll, Gregoire had an unprecedented 30 point gap between her approval and disapproval rating (33% approval – 63% disapproval). That is certainly reflected in the numbers attending town meetings and in the opinions they voiced.

I would say 95% of those attending my meetings were in agreement with my positions regarding taxes and the need for responsible and accountable government. In every meeting I asked questions of the attendees. Clearly, they are unhappy with lack of upswing in the economy. I tell them that like them...I have family members who have lost jobs and are suffering from the financial strains.

When I ran for reelection in 2006 the uptake was on the D side. If you were a Democrat you were awarded a plus 5% at the polls just for party identification. Six of my Republican Senate Colleagues lost that year.

In politics the pendulum swings. And, this year there is a strong sentiment against the policies of Obama and Gregoire. I am looking forward to the "Again In Ten, Pam Roach Campaign." Regardless of the political climate I will have an opponent and I will "run scared" to win. To win you must meet or exceed your opponent's efforts in all categories of campaigning. I am already in campaign mode.

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Anonymous said...

If we had more politicians like Senator Pam Roach we would truly have an ethical and accountable Government that truly represents "We the people." GO PAM GO ^5