Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stop Government Takings Listing

I have received many comments from people who have both state or national organizations that aim to stop government takings from good families (yes, as opposed to the bad ones!). Note: I did not say "perfect" families as there are none.

Most of theses posts are accompanied by comments too long to publish. Blogspot does not allow me to edit comments...I can't make them shorter.

Please Google to find the many worthy groups out there. It would be nice to have someone step forward to nationally organize.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there are attempts made to organize nationally but the family rights groups are pretty divided and disfunctional in general. There are many power plays and determination to self elevate.
CPS issues require numbers and the numbers are there but families are not participating or they don't know about the options. One group that I tap into regularly, CPS Watch on Yahoo groups, have been around a long time as well as Fight CPS and the American Family Rights Association with Leonard. These groups have a hard time getting people to contribute financially plus they brag they don't charge. CPS Watch now has a legal "team" that does charge for services and it is well worth it. Parental successfully followed one of my big ideas on fund raising very successfully (using multi-level marketing strategies) and probably has the biggest operating budget so far but even they are hurting. I originally tried to partner with them and they took my ideas and then left me out of the loop. (They regularly send me emails asking for donation) There is one national family rights person who looks for any possible opportunity to file a lawsuit on other family rights organization stating that "they are stealing her ideas" although judges are starting to get wise to her. She tried to recruit me. She went after both AFRA and CPS Watch. Nasty, nasty, person.
The biggest power base is in father's rights groups and I believe that confuses the issues sometimes with what we are trying to accomplish. To get the numbers though, many groups join up with them. Lary Holland now runs the one that Pastor Smith (now deceased) used to run out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (my home town). He is doing a good job.
Well, thats it in a nutshell.
Jan Smith