Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ariel Is HOME

Ariel is FINALLY home. When they got here my brother-in-law asked
her where home was and she said, "right here". Her Grandma was here to see
her too. She came in and acted like she had never been gone. I`m still
having a hard time comprehending this is real. I wanted you to know she`s home
and we should be having our adoption hearing in a couple of weeks. Thank you
for everything. There are so many people that helped us through this and in
our case even some from the dept. itself. We are hoping and praying for the
same outcome for the Willards.
Stacy T.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!! We are so happy for you! Ariel, you have been blessed!

Do NO Harm said...

I am SO very happy for you all;)

I type this through my tears; they are happy tears for you but sad and tormented tears for my nephew.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news. It stokes the fires burning in our hearts to keep up the fight. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God that someone did something right! I'm sure you went through all the hell that we are going through and every day as we are. I am thrilled for you!

I must right a brief as I am the only one who can do it, and it is the only appeal out there to be filed, thanks to the state and the parents, court-appointed attorneys who would not file, and they had the money to do it! Yes, the state makes it nearly impossible to get our children back; even mom was told, " You look great, are doing great, but not for this child." Maybe for children in the future. Well, that judge made up her mind right there. The state has filed for a termination questionaire and will terminate the parental rights even though mom is doing great. No one will consider bringing her back to her sister and me, and I'm a licensed foster parent. New, last year. Not as though I've been a foster parent forever. I had just finished approval on my home study, background check, fingerprint check, CPR training, etc, and was approved. There is no reason why my granddaughter should not be home. No reason at all. They just want her, that's it in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Bless you all. Thank God.

Bari Willard said...

Thank You so much Stacy for your blessed news. I prayed for the return of Ariel and I am so glad your family rests tonight. Each moment is so precious. This is what keeps me going...knowing that sometimes the right thing is done. With all my love to you and your beautiful Ariel...

Anonymous said...

A RARE GOOD OUTCOME! It was my pleasure to meet you.