Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GUNS...The Hearing Room Was Packed And The Hearing Stacked...

Thank you to all those who attended yesterday's hearing on Senator Adam Kline's bad bill to ban firearms and authorize home searches for them.

Yes, folks, the bill as it was presented to the committee also would REQUIRE law enforcement to check your home for guns. (Out the window with the 4th Amendment too!) Kline said he would amend that out of the bill...but I guess we see where he is coming from on this. He knew the search language was in the bill the day before but did not offer a substitute. Pretty scary stuff is written in the details of some of these bills!

Hundreds of people came to the hearing to protect the Second Amendment. I asked for a show of hands :o) from those wanting to kill the bill. Hundreds of hands were raised. Numbers do not matter to ideologues. After all of those people took off work or left usual activities to attend the hearing..Kline only gave the issue 30 minutes. He split that in half 15-15. He had his own thing lined-up but did not allow the opponents to "line-up" anything...which would have been the usual courtesy.

But...unless the bill is pulled from committee directly to the floor for a vote...the bill is dead. And, for those of you who watch votes, appointed Senator Randy Gordon (D), said he opposed Kline's bill.

As all PPR readers a country we do not have the luxury of stepping away from what the Founding Fathers gave us and still have a free country. We must stand to preserve those freedoms. Thanks again for those who sent emails, made calls, and came to the hearing.


Anonymous said...

Senator, THANK YOU for your diligent efforts on this issue. I was at the meeting yesterday, along with a few hundred of my fellow Patriots, and we are so impressed with how you handled those who are descimating our second amendment rights, trying to make us defenseless to those who would harm us.

Thanks again got your diligence, Senator. Please keep fighting for us!


Anonymous said...

Once again thank you to Senator Pam Roach, you are the best and we do have to stand our ground and stand for our constitutional right and our amendments left to us by our fore fathers. You go get em Senator Roach and we will all be right there for you.
Grandma in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU PAM! I was there and you were AWESOME!

Brett said...

Senator, you were spot on, professional, impressive, and earned my respect for your questioning of the Bellevue Chief of Police (among other things you've done, but you shined in these minutes of questioning). I applaud your courage to stand up for what you believe to be right, for what your constituents believe to be right, and for doing what you do in your official capacity. Doing the right thing fits you well.

Thanks again!

Brett (from

Anonymous said...

It simply amazes me how many people will fight for the right to bear arms but allow children to be stolen from their and trafficked in.

John Annal said...

Ma'am, I can only thank you yet again for your dedication, service and fidelity to our Constitution. Please Stand Fast.