Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help To Haiti...Key Call Made Today

I received a visit today from a campus friend. It was a hurried visit because he had an appointment to make.

"I have $2 million dollars worth of medicine for Haiti. Can the L.D.S. Church help get it there?"

"I am sure the church is already helping. Let me make contact," I said, and placed a quick call.

"Hi, Gordon, " I said. I have a good friend in my office who is looking for some help. Can I put you on speaker?"

We explained the situation and Gordon said: "The church has already been in Haiti. We have a truck in Umatilla right now that will be at our Kent, WA distribution center tomorrow (Fri.) and leave for the return to Umatilla Friday night. From there the medicine would go to Salt Lake City and be flown to Haiti. We put the Kent LDS Distribution Center in touch with the medicine contact and got out of the way.

The right people, networking, will get the job done. Stories like this are happening right now all over America...all over the developed world.

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gorillamum said...

Wonderful! Good people doing great work. My heart goes out to all in Haiti and many thanks to all working hard to get help to everyone there.