Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Team Work Needed

We have all seen over and over the tremendous 67 yard touchdown run of Seahawk Marshawn Lynch. Saturday's game and that play in particular gave us several lessons in life.
My favorite?
http://www.seahawks.com/videos-photos/videos/Marshawn-Lynch-67-yard-TD-run/6a355040-c50c-4274-9cc3-045158d29d8c (You may have to cut and paste or go to the Seahawk page for link.)

When you see the play again, and you will, notice who is in the end zone. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck ran the field with Lynch and others...clearing the way for success. Here is a quarterback who wanted to win! He was going to do everything he could to make his team successful!!! Everything.

Winners play that way. Leadership knows you have to work together and want everyone to be successful.

The Senate Republican Caucus leadership might take a lesson here. We, too, are underdogs. We will stay that way without teamwork.

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