Friday, March 2, 2012

Pretty Little One

Little Miri is still 2 years-old. She is far away but on my mind. I will buy her dresses, and bows, and books to read with her. We will go for walks and have short talks...about her pretty pictures...and what she likes to do.

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Anonymous said...

Awww she is so cute!!! Thank you for remembering our Constitutional Rights. CPS has a different set of Constitutional Rights they like to give persons under investigation. When telling a CPS worker I was to hire an attorney so my rights were protected, she commented, "Your case worker will tell you what your rights are." I kindly retorted, "No thanks, I go by the Constitution of the United States, and I doubt you know what those are." Are you aware of how many persons speak to the CPS workers because they are told, as was I, that we didn't need an attorney or that attorneys are not invited to dependency hearings!! I told her my attorney did not need her invitation that I had a right to councel and would not allow my rights to be violated. Every allegation was false. I am thankfully able to provide proof. My daughter has panic attacks since speaking with her, and she was assaulted by a stranger/sexual predator. Never given a chance to work through that. I am the one who turned that into CPS, too! They feel it is my fault. Lovely to have the State of Washington cause mental duress to an already traumatized child and all due to false allegations. Again, I thank you so much for supporting us parents and helping stand up against CPS...Their job is to protect the children, not cause mental anguish...make it a personal mission? my child is forever afraid as is her little friend and yes I informed that social worker, her supervisor and the other administration at the dependency hearing and with my attorney present..good thing I am educated. Patty.