Monday, August 27, 2012

Tampa On Hold, Scott Walker to Keynote WA Delegation Breakfast

I spoke with a Seattle reporter today and he asked about the weather in Tampa. Well, I'm from Washington! We have some wind and rain but nothing bad at all. For New Orleans and the surrounding area that will not be the case. All of us in Tampa are watching Isaac and praying for those in its path. Politics is second to the safety of others.

So, while the one day delay of the RNC was not needed,  "better safe than sorry." 

The major national nerworks had said they would not cover Monday anyway. I suppose the good news is that Ann Romney, who had been scheduled to speak on Monday will now be on stage Tuesday. She will be in primetime after all.

Today, delegation members explored Clearwater Beach and some went to see  the movie,  "2016."
The Gulf is choppy from the wind. And,  for contact lense wearers, the wind can really dry put the eyes!

Tomorrow, Gov. Scott Walker will be our breakfast speaker.

Republicans always like to see a gubernatorial win. 

P.S. OK, Walker did not make it to the breakfast. We had the mayor of Clearwater though!  Ok, Gov. Bob McDonnell of VA was there, too, and he was great!

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