Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Foot Out the Door

Today I met with Alex Borromeo and Ruben Del Valle, the president and vice president of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce. (I want to be able to pass on some fresh info about our state and the Philippines.) Alex had just returned from Manila and he warned me to take an umbrella. The Philippines is my first stop and it is the monsoon season.

I leave tomorrow (July 29th) around noon. My check list includes the usual but a few extra items were on my list. I have packed four 12" American flags to wave during the events. I will take my "Rascal Flats" cowgirl hat. (Add an extra 10 degrees if you are in the sun without a hat.) I figure this hat is as American as you can get. Or, is that git?

My toenails are painted flag red. I am also taking/wearing my summer '08 tan. For years I worked in an office all summer. This is my retro-skin. I grew up in San Diego.

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