Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House Dems Budget Gives Away Taxing Authority

Much is being said about the House Democrat proposal to budget with a 25th month. Digging into the next biennium by taking a month's income prematurely puts our future at risk. But, let's not overlook another detail of the budget. It would give local government the authority to tax without a vote of the people.

So, Dems would cut the amount of state money given to local government (saving the money for themselves)....and then let the local elected officials tax the people at will to replace what the state dollars would have bought. Sounds like a shell game to me.

Erik Smith of the Washington State Wire recaps the WA House budget plan:

"The House plan also would give local governments the ability to raise taxes on their own, with up to a tenth-of-a-cent sales tax increase in the state’s seven largest counties, and two-tenths of a cent elsewhere. The taxes could be imposed by city and county councils and commissioners, without a vote of the people.

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