Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sen. Pam Roach's Trip to Oil Fields Sparks Pipeline Push

Last fall visited Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada, the start of the proposed Keystone XL crude oil project. Yesterday, I held a press conference to announce a joiont memorial to Congress and the president urging the go ahead which is stalled in reelection mire.(Labor wants the jobs and enviros don't want what they say are risks...even though we have hundreds of oil pipeline already successfully crisscrossing this nation. I presented a resolution that I sponsored with the American Legislative Exchange Council. The resolution was passed unanimously among legislators from around the country.
I was joined by Senators Holmquist-Newbury and Benton who also spoke.

The News Tribune writes:

Sen. Pam Roach’s trip to oil fields sparks pipeline push
Post by Jordan Schrader The News Tribune
Jan. 31, 2012 at 2:21 pm

After touring a booming oil-producing part of Northern Alberta, state Sen. Pam Roach today handed out vials of oil sands to supporters of a pipeline project that President Obama has rejected.
Here’s Roach’s blog post on the subject, which details her October trip to Fort McMurray, Alberta, and meetings with members of the Canadian Parliament. She wasn’t allowed to take the oil sands on the plane, she said, but a gallon of them was FedExed to her.
The proposed pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast may be far from Washington, but Roach wants the Legislature to formally go on record supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline, citing jobs and national-security benefits.
Backed by the engineering union whose members would help build the pipeline, Republican lawmakers support a legislative letter to Congress modeled on one being pushed in multiple states by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council. It’s unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled Legislature.
In rejecting the application, Obama said a timeline imposed by Congressional Republicans didn’t provide enough time to examine environmental risks.

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