Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ferry System Smells Fishy

KING 5 investigative reporter Susannah Frame did an expose on money leaking from the ferry system.

Among facts presented to the governor this week was that millions were spent in "at will" overtime. The governor defended her appointed administrators.

But get this one.... employees are being paid to commute to work. Some have been compensated for commute trips, each work day, for over 30 years! I guess they were never given a time certain for when they needed to move closer to work.

Meanwhile, at another state agency.....

WA State Patrol: "Hello? Hello? This is the State Patrol calling the Department of Transportation..."


WA State Patrol: "Hey...DOT...You guys there?"


Hearing no answer the trooper making the call turns to the com operator. "Well, I guess John hasn't gotten to the ferry terminal yet. He gets paid to commute from Fircrest to Anacortes...takes a run out to the islands a couple times a week. He's making a second salary with the transportation reimbursement. What a gig that is."

Linda the com operator: "10-4 352. I will make the report." "So...what's that Benson? You say John gets paid to commute?"

Trooper: "Yeah. It's a perk. Ya gotta be in ferries to get it. John lives in Fircrest where his wife teaches. He's had a paid commute to Anacortes for 30 years!"

Linda: "Wow. Say, isn't your wife a teacher in Vancouver? What is she going to do now that you made sergeant here in Tacoma?"

Troop: "It's tough. With the kids still at home...I have an apartment that I pay to keep while she is trying to move to a new school district and everyone can move up here. Hope the house sells in this economy. Like almost everyone here when they take a promotion...I commute home for the weekend. I think I have found a place for us to live. The patrol paid for the first month...but I'm on my own now. Takes all my promotion pay really." Then turning to the phone....

WA State Patrol: "Hello, John?" "Yeah, good to hear you too." " don't say...well, I'll tell your sister when I see her this weekend... Take care... Yeah, bye."

Linda: "You OK? What's up?"

Troop: "Oh nothing...just that John couldn't talk. He is in an inter county carpool to Anacortes. His trip doesn't really cost him a thing."

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