Saturday, June 5, 2010

WSPTA, Vets, and Realtors Endorse Pam Roach For Reelection

In just another day I will be driving to Olympia and to the Office of the Secretary of State to file for reelection to the State Senate.

There is no ceremony that goes with this. You fill out the filing form and write a check for the filing fee. Then you go back to doorbelling. Simple.

Prior to filing, candidates have been working on their campaigns for many months. Things then start to come together.

This week I was endorsed for reelection by the WA State Veterinary Association and the King County Realtors. The process is one in which the boards of the organizations review your record if you are an incumbent...maybe have a Q and A (not all do this). Then there is a vote.

I am humbled by the words in the endorsement letter from the WA State Patrol Troopers Association. The letter read:
"The decision was unanimous. Your commitment to service to the state of Washington with honor and integrity are principles that our members demand. Your understanding of public safety matters and your position on issues critical to every Trooper's professional and personal life make you the clear choice.

The citizens of our state will be fortunate to have an individual of your caliber in such an important position. Be assured that our members stand solidly in support of your re-election campaign."

I am very proud to have earned this and other endorsements. There are five more months before the election and it is good to go into it with the support of organizations, famiy, friends, and individaul citizens who work to help the campaign. Thank you, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Not at all surprised by that letter, your the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all who support Senator Pam Roach for re-election. She not only protects the citizens through the support of the troops, but she is supportive of the family during a time when it is no longer popular to do so.

Her strong support is needed in our state during a time when so many are just rolling over and going with the status quo.