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Yes...There Is Enough Evil In The World...And What Was CPS Doing While This Was Going On?

Pulkkinen's story does raise more questions. What about the other children in the home? Was this family ever reported to CPS and then overlooked?

Note in the article it says, "Having pleaded previously to first degree rape and related charges..." ****!!!!???? and the kids are with the father????

Was this father a part of the SSOSA program (Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative)? That is where Daddy can rape you or someone in your family and if Daddy pleads guilty and agrees to "treatment" government lets by-gones be by-gones. Yes, government goes to that extent to keep families together and yet they take kids, regularly, when no abuse is even suggested. So what about the victim that often still lives with the rapist!

And, Dear Reader...What do you want to bet that the state demands that the little girl have visits with her mommy and daddy while they are in prison? Yep! That's where this is headed. Forcing the child to see her abusers is reabuse.

Dad who video taped daughter's rape says sorry for 'poor judgment,' Judge gives man the max; girl's mother awaits trial

A Kent man accused of joining his wife in raping their 4-year-old daughter live online was sentenced Friday, receiving a punishment that could see him locked away indefinitely.

Filing charges in October, King County prosecutors accused Brian Keith Beston, 36, and Hollie Beston, 32, of repeatedly sexually assaulting their child in trade for child pornography. Authorities began investigating the Bestons after a convicted child molester told authorities he'd been exchanging child pornography with them.

Having pleaded guilty previously to first-degree rape and related charges, Brian Beston was sentenced to a minimum prison term of more than 26 years. After serving that time, he'll remain confined until state authorities deem him fit for release.

Addressing King County Superior Court Judge Regina Cahan, Beston claimed remorse before apologizing for a his "poor judgment" and saying he hoped to mend fences with his children (plural!!!) in the future.

The mea culpa left Cahan unimpressed.

"To call it a lapse of judgment is beyond an understatement," Cahan told Beston before sentencing him to the maximum. (maximum/minimum...which is it?)

"A fundamental parental obligation is to protect your child," she continued. "You've done the opposite of that. You've victimized your own child."

Hollie Beston remains jailed and has not yet entered a plea. She's scheduled to again appear in court July 20.

Writing the court previously, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Zachary Wagnild described the assaults to the court as "horrific."

"Both defendants were involved in the repeated rape and sexual abuse of their 4-year-old daughter," Wagnild told the court. "The couple … (entered) into an agreement with an individual in California to send him images of themselves sexually abusing their daughter in return for images of him sexually abusing his own children."

According to court documents, members of a Seattle police child-abuse task force learned of the abuse after a San Diego, Calif., child molester told investigators there that he'd met the Bestons after posting a Craigslist advertisement posing as a single mother.

The offender told federal investigators that Brian Beston, of Kent, responded to his advertisement immediately and shortly thereafter began sending photos of a young girl the offender later learned was the Bestons' daughter, prosecutors allege. The couple went on to set up a live camera session during which Beston could be seen sexually assaulting his child.

Notified of the allegations Oct. 23, officers with the Seattle Internet crimes against children unit found the Bestons' home and took them into custody later that day.

Confronted by officers, Detective Tye Holand claimed in court documents, Hollie Beston admitted to watching as Brian Beston assaulted the child, and to taking still photos and video of the assaults.

Brian Beston made a similar admission, describing in detail his molestation of his own daughter.

Addressing the court Friday, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Julie Kays noted that the Bestons decision to make a video of the assaults on their daughter -- a video they attempted to use to gain photos of other children being abused -- demanded the most severe sentence possible.

"For this little girl to have her parents do this to her is particularly horrific, and particularly disturbing," Kays told Cahan.

Joined by members of her family, several women close to the girl spoke on her behalf Friday.

All asked that Beston receive the sentence Cahan handed him. Several suggested Beston's claims of remorse were contrived, in part because they'd heard him offer similar assurances after he molested another girl.

"This is not the only child he has abused," one woman close to the girl said.

"Things that are done in secret do come to light," she continued. "I don't understand how he did what he did. The only word to describe it is evil."

Beston did not undertake a pre-sentencing assessment in which he would have been asked about his history of abuse. Through his attorney, he denied the claim.

Speaking to Cahan, Beston offered an apology for his actions.

"They were morally and legally wrong and as a result of my actions … I have robbed my little girl," Beston told the court.

Both Bestons have been charged with first-degree child rape, first-degree child molestation, sexual exploitation of a minor and dealing child pornography. Brian Beston pleaded guilty as charged; both remain jailed.

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(There is a comment to this entry that states 1/2 of those in our prisons are sex abusers. That is not the case. and, we have a special commitment center for sex offenders. One of the most egregious parts of sentencing if you are a victim is that the sex crime against you can go unpunished if the perpetrator is allowed into the SSOSA program. And, what kind of message does THAT send to the victim?)


Anonymous said...

Dear Pam,
This is just so sick and I feel so bad for this poor little girl to have to go through that, they should be locked up & have the key thrown away & never let him out to do this to another child. I believe the only remorse that he has is he got caught. You are right this kind of thing continues to go on while CPS continue to take children away from their families while they falsifie reasons to take them, how sick is this?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that this level of sexual activity is an addiction so technically, could be treated. But there are differences and some relatively profound ones. This issue as well as others, is one of the "gifts" to the community by the psychiatric professions. I have heard such activists make outrageous statements that sexual abuse doesn't harm children.
Unlike drugs, alcohol, or gambling, sexual stimulation is free and requires only a few immediate thoughts. Apparently, the natural "high" one derives off of child molestation thoughts are similar to the rush one gets off of cocaine. Then, for the criminal sexual sociopath, the experience is en-heightened by carrying out the thoughts into destructive action by destroying the innocence and soul of the child. It is evil and epidemic.
I was shocked to discover that every single prison in Washington is half full of sex offenders. There is something very wrong with a state that has this kind of public health threat.
I am a rape victim as an adult myself by a violent sexual predator and am lucky to be alive. For me, I was a Christian and prayed my way through it. After the attack, others prayed with me because I was having PTSD. Because of the spiritual centeredness, the aftereffects were minimal and now, non-existent. This is not usually the case and many suffer under PTSD till they die.
I believe in the death penalty for those who partake in attacks such as these. Now, when they go to prison, they find themselves surrounded by like minded people who share in the joy of murder and rape of innocent victims while having no responsibilities in life.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the sickest thing I have ever heard of. And I think death in this case is fitting. These sick bastatrds are beyond help.

Andi said...

One of the very worst things that can be done to a child, in my opinion. I, too, think that death would be a fitting punishment.

As clarification on the minimum/maximum thing, he is sentenced to a minimum of 26 years, possibly up to the rest of his life. This is the maximum sentence allowed for the crime under the RCW.

Anonymous said...

Referring to the comment about sex offenders in prison: I worked at Stafford Creek and it is insider information that the prisons are half full of sex offenders. Only a small percentage end up in a sex offender unit. I saw it with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

I lived above a family in a two story duplex many years ago up by Sea Tac. The family had a beautiful baby girl and they went to my church. I got to know them quite well. I always thought that the father wasn't wrapped too tight and it appears I was correct. He raped this little girl who was then about one year old twice. He went to jail for six months. That was it. I saw him at another church about a year later.

Anonymous said...

In the earlier news reports, whether or not they were the girls parents was left to ambiguity. Did the "mom" give birth or adopt this child? Nonetheless it's still perverse.