Monday, June 21, 2010

Starved Girl And Brother Should Get The $40 Million

I posted months ago the extreme neglect on the part of CPS to not have helped a girl who reached out to the "system" as she was being abused. (Please see previous report.)

The teen who weighted 47 pounds when she was found, and her brother, are wanting $40 million from the state. After the lawyers get about $15 million and the remainder is split between the two youths...that is a pittance. The girl had permanent damage done to her physical development...not counting the loss of teeth, etc.

Imagine...sleeping like a dog at the foot of your "parents" bed so you could not get food during the night. Imagine sipping condensation off a window to get water...and then having the straw taken away. She endured a prison camp.

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Anonymous said...


Subject: Laura Anderson and boyfriend Tommy

Dear Governor Gregoire of Washington State, Ms. Revels-Robinson, today I spoke with my 26 year old daughter. My daughter told me, Laura Anderson text her on her cell phone, 6/22/10 saying, “ Can we talk, things has gotten out of hand with Shayna and your dad.” This is inappriate. My daughter is pregnant, husband serving this great Country in Iraq. She doesn’t need Laura Anderson sending text message upsetting her in tears. Ms. Anderson’s conduct is not appreciated, she has stepped out of bounds. Ms. Anderson and her boyfriend, Tommy never supported a reunification plan with Shayna and her mother, Jennifer Krueger. The whole time Anderson and her boyfriend was stealing Shayna away for their own selfish reasons. My daughter supports our adoption plans of Shayna. Please!! tell Laura Anderson this behavior is unacceptable, Stop! trying to cause confusion and division with my family. Tell her, to please!! Being disrespectful. Leave my family alone.

Max Lawson
U.S. Armed Forces Retired