Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Stop....The US Olympic Committee Retail Store

You know that really cool white and red jacket that the US women medalists wear when they take to the podium, the anthem is playing, and they dip their head forward to be awarded a metal? Well... I now have that jacket!

Not everyone gets into the store. It is generally posted at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. But, the store moves with the US Team so it is here near the Bank of American center. Each athlete is granted admission for four people (4 x 600 = lots of competition). The place was crowded, in a basement, the lights were low, makeshift without dressing rooms, and there were lots of arms it seemed.

I originally passed up the award jacket. "Wayne's World" ... "I'm not worthy!" kept coming into mind. Then entered the NBC anchorwoman. She looked great in the jacket.

"Hey, that looks great on you!"


"I thought about getting one but decided I hadn't earned it. I mean, I didn't medal." (I was trying to hint that she hadn't either.)

"Well, I earned the money. So, I guess I have earned the jacket," she said.

Good point! I put one over my arm with all the other stuff and bought it.

This may be the only time that I have been influenced by the press. But, I really did want that jacket with the big, navy "U S A" on the back.

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John said...

That's a funny story, Pam. I agree that probably is the only time you have been influenced by the press. :) You'll definitely have to bring that jacket to the Air Force airshow. Glad you're back home!