Saturday, August 2, 2008

They Called Me Brave

What you don't know could hurt you. Or at least I have been told.

When our driver sped down that asphalt road I was surprised to see a road sign that military maneuvers were in progress. The military was walking down the street. I didn't think too much of it but had read in the paper about the New People's Army. They are kind of like FARC in Columbia. That means they kill people.

Then, my host kept talking about how brave I was to come here. In fact Dr. Rico Castro mentioned it several times in our morning meeting with local officials.

There is danger here. I was given a bodyguard who walks in front of me where ever I go. He is taking his job quite seriously. To put all the community leaders in one room there was publicity about my visit and because of that they are worried for me.

And, I will have to add. This is the first time I have been issued a mosquito net with my bath towel. This is what I call roughing it!

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