Sunday, August 31, 2008

Romney and Roach

Subject: How women are viewed as voters by the pols and pollsters.

Well, he's not on the ticket. But I must say that he is even better looking in person.

Excuse me for being so shallow. But, I am a woman. Pollsters have us pegged as not being able to think for ourselves so maybe it is not true that "we have come a long way, baby."

During the Kennedy era we were told women were voting for Kennedy because he was good looking and youthful. Women liked the movie star elements of his persona (and I am not referring to Marilyn here). But the main idea was that women didn't think past the sex symbol! Heck, I thought that was what MEN were all about!

So, here we are 45 years later and the pols (or was it polls) have told McCain he needed a woman to attract that female voter. What?

Personally, I am taking offense here. My gender is not so shallow as to vote for someone based on gender, just as I would hope neither gender would be so shallow as to vote by race.

Now we are being told that women will be more attracted to McCain's ticket because he chose a woman running mate. Women liked handsome guys so they voted for them. Now, after years of feminism, women will vote for a woman because they are more interested in exhibiting sexism themselves, than in policy. Isn't that what they are saying?

Personally, I vote for a philosophy. A candidate is the personification of a set of ideas and ideals. I couldn't care less if the candidate is male or female. If this country could produce the leadership of a Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, or Indira Gandhi then there would be no uniqueness at all about gender in the presidency.

I think those guy pollsters are wrong. I think women who wanted Hilary will not vote for Palin because she is a woman. If they vote for her it will be because they were scorned. (They would have voted against those who jilted Hilary regardless of the gender in the Republican camp.)

And, come on here. Let's face the male pollsters (I have never heard of one that is female). If Palin brings more votes to McCain (based on gender)the larger reason will be the shallow males who want something better to look at in HD than Obama/Biden/McCain.

Romney had the experience along with the right ideals. So what if he was also good looking!

(I am wondering how long the McCain camp has been eyeing Sarah Palin. I was in Anchorage a few weeks ago and noticed a biography of Palin prominently displayed in the airport bookstore. They all have a book. Watch... the books have been flown in over the weekend and they will be all over the lower forty-eight in time for Labor Day. I say she was the choice long ago!)

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Boyd K said...

Hi Sen. Roach it's great to see a leader like you starting a blog. So... I'm a little sorry I can't completely agree with you on Sarah Palin. For me, she's the second best person I know on my bellweather civil right / Political issue. And in this case that's really really really -good-! Maybe not as strong as you are on RKBA, but pretty close. And that's the indicator -I- use as my first glimpse at how someone views power in our country. If, say, a presidential candidate has a long track record of voting away my rkba (whether he wins the vote or not) -I- know they don't trust me with power. And more importantly that they've lost track of where political power comes from in our country (meaning -the- -people- of course).
We haven't had anybody near the top of a ticket, in so long, that is so good on that issue that I think it really makes Palin shine. I'm expecting my
mccain / PALIN
sticker any day now. And I'm looking forward to better times for the GOP. -Boyd K