Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Has Washington Senate D's Worried

Sarah Palin proved by her acceptance speech that she is not only up to the task of helping to garner the presidency but meets my criteria for a woman of substance. Like the rest of us, I am fed up with the fake representation (in Olympia as well as DC) and the bureaucrats who run around, unaccountable, wrecking the lives of ordinary people.

In putting Palin on the ticket McCain has hammered in the message that "change" is a Republican promise...and he has used a strong nail.

I was in Vancouver, WA yesterday and today for Senate Committee Assembly Days. At my lunch table sat seven other senators and they were all Democrats. They are worried! I told them they made a big mistake by not nominating Clinton and that Palin was a great addition to our ticket.

The Senator from the 10th District (Camano Island), who was a hair dresser before being elected directly to the State House said Palin was unqualified. I am not arguing that "hair dresser" is a disqualifier. In this case there are several real deficiencies that make me wonder if there might have been a weak field at filing that year. Maybe she was also an organizer. This Senator chairs the Senate Transportation Committee. Palin brings experience to the job, but better yet, an understanding of the role of government...with the demonstrated courage to defend that role.

The senator from the 30th District (Federal Way) said the polls had gone from 48% to 52% for the Republicans. My luncheon table thought Palin was "light" and that picking her would backfire. I took it to be retoric. No one countered that their guys would win. That was unusual for a group that can usually come up with some smack!

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