Friday, September 19, 2008

Court Case For Enumclaw Family Heart Wrenching

Last Monday I drove my car from Mt. Home Air Force Base to the Boise Airport. I parked the car in long term parking, bought an over-the-counter ticket, and boarded the next plane to Seattle.

I have spent almost nine months trying to get DSHS to follow the law and allow 3 year-old Lisa to see her relatives. The state has not allowed those mandated visits because they have decided to keep the good relatives (grandparents and aunts and uncles) away from Lisa. They actually WANT to deprive the little girl of her family.

They are depriving the relatives of visits in hopes that the mother (pregnant at 16) will take a drink of alcohol and then they can terminate parental rights. (That's right...for a drink of alcohol.)

Lisa, the state is already arguing, should not go to her relatives...she should be put up for adoption in a home they have already selected.(The home with the restraining order against the man with the gun.)

Doing everything in my power (and there is no power for a legislator in the courtroom), I have tried to help this family keep their baby. There is no power for a legislator over an agency. And, there are no laws that can enforce accountability within DSHS. They do what they want. THESE ARE VERY POWERFUL, UNACCOUNTABLE STATE BUREAUCRATS.


For two days I have tried not to think about what my state, the state I have served for 18 years, is doing to break up the GOOD families.

DSHS is corrupt at both ends. They keep kids in dangerous places and watch them die. And, they set up the taking of other kids away from good families to send them off to foster adopt homes.

In court on Tuesday I was not allowed to say anything about the doctoring of an email regarding Lisa's black eye.

I was not allowed to tell the judge that the state was ignoring her order to allow (in fact, encourage) visits by the grandparents.

I was not allowed to tell the judge that in the first nine months of 2008 the grandparents have had one hour and 40 minutes of visiting with their grandchild.

Tomorrow morning my husband and I are getting on the plane and flying back to Boise. I will pick up my car. I will go back to the airbase. I will be with two of my ten grandchildren. And, I will thank God that I don't have the full force of the State of Washington trying to take any of the ten away from us.

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