Friday, September 5, 2008

DSHS Continues Attack On Three Year Old As It Thwarts the Law

"In my life, no success has come without a good fight."
John S. McCain, last night

It is now five weeks since I personally reported the black eye that little 3 year old Lisa had when she entered the day care center that long ago. I called the police when those that were required to by law....did not.

Since that time I have contacted the judge (all parties are then informed of my letter). She needed to know of the black eye and the restraining order.

Two weeks ago, I, along with the private investigator I hired, personally met with Attorney General Rob McKenna and his two deputies. We produced a restraining order
(2008) in effect against the foster adopt parent's old lover who had a gun...and the email testimony about the black eye.

A week after the AG meeting I called a meeting at my Senate office. There were 3 DSHS high ranking officials, 2 AGs, staff, a low ranking staffer from the governor's office, etc. We meet for 2 1/2 hours.

Then, Monday of this week, I called the chief honcho at the governor's office. No response to date after explaining the situation.

Today, I called the Gov's guy who attended our meeting 7 days ago. He hasn't done a thing. He hasn't seen the report of the black eye. He has not done a thing! He's thinking: "The department hasn't moved so why should I?" He backs up DSHS by ignoring the situation and by ignoring me. He is ignoring the law. He is ignoring the will of the people who expect that he perform his job to the letter and spirit of the law.

Today, I convinced the governor's receptionist to patch me through to the cell phone of the "other" chief honcho. I have known Cindy Zendher for 20 years, since back in the days she was a union lobbyist for the Teamsters. She is a reasonable person. She said she had not been briefed on this issue and needed to learn the "other side." I told her there wasn't an "other side" to a restraining order and a black eye. I told her that DSHS was refusing to disclose the report on the black eye, etc.

Cindy said she would call me back tomorrow. She will do that.

In the meantime the grandparents are going to court to get standing in this case. The state wants them to go away. The state wants their granddaughter adopted by an unqualified foster-parent. The state hopes to bleed them dry. They have already spent their entire savings. The state wants them in debt. The state wants them to be punished for trying to have the law enforced.

And, in the meantime the mother is being harassed by DSHS and the Court Appointed Special Advocate for Lisa. The plan that our state has is to conjure a situation where the mother fails and then force the termination of parental rights.

Since the state will not allow any relatives to see Lisa...they will argue that Lisa does not know her family and therefore it would be in Lisa's best interest to be adopted by the unemployed, foster parent who puts the child in daycare 12 hours a day.

Last June I was in the court room three separate times over this case. Our DSHS is the most unresponsive branch of the bureaucracy. DSHS tells you one thing and does another. In the case of child welfare they have been corrupted by their power. The scary, evil thing about this is that it is allowed.

The only stopper has been the court. Judge Kessler and Judge Shafer have held for the mother. They have faith in her. They have, however, not directed that Lisa be placed with family. You know one reason why??? Because DSHS withheld the information that there were relatives who had passed the "in-home" evaluation.

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Teresa said...

I was a CASA for about 6 months. In that time period I got myself into trouble because I had a positive attitude towards the childs parent. I found out all to quickly that they don't want the child reconciled to the parent they want the child to be adopted or to stay in foster care.
A social worker reported me because I made a positive statement about a parent so it was clear I wasn't advocating for the child. I was appalled at how the system worked.