Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There Is A Little Piece of Me in Honduras

Here is Dr. Edna Reyes who helps me in my Honduran efforts. And, standing beside her is Enrique (9). I will be writing, occasionally, about these two people, and seven year old Kessler (Enrique's brother). I want you to know them.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about the two little boys that I love in Honduras. They are so wonderful.

I hope to let you see how easy it is for all of us to give hope to another...make another life a little easier and even ache a little for what you would like to do but distance gets in the way.

In this picture it is morning and we walk to school around puddles. It is hot but it rained the night before.

We are going to their Garifina school. The boys are Hondurans but they are Garifina.
They are black.

They are part of a community along the northern coast of Honduras that has its own language and culture. They are the poorest of the poor.

This day last March, they are walking to school in their new uniforms, shoes, and backpacks. They were not attending school most of the time because they were too poor to have uniforms. And, the teachers didn't want them in school without uniforms. My friend went to the school and argued to let them attend. Now they are not the only ones in their class of 50 attending without uniforms.

I will be going back to Honduras this fall. There will be a very warm reunion and lots of hugs.

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