Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turns Out Obama Isn't the Savior After All, It's Palin

Sarah Palin is saving the Republican Party.

Palin has captured the imaginations of the American people and in doing so she has severed the minds of voters from the remembrance of George W. Bush. She has obliterated the five point Democratic advantage of the "Obama factor." She will bring previously undecided voters to the polls to vote Republican....all over the country!

It will be the "Palin factor" the puts Dino Rossi in the governor's mansion here in Washington State. And, because she has also motivated the base Republican voters (something McCain needed help doing) she will have given a 3 to 4 percent boost to all of our other candidates too.

Timing and momentum are very important in a campaign.
In the end game of the last eight weeks before the general election there can be no errors. If your timing is off the momentum can change and there may be no time or issues to reverse the damage.

Obama's timing was off. He peaked too soon and now has absolutely nothing left in the bag. Think of it like an Olympic contest. The race is on and you pour on the speed like Obama did. But, you have to sustain that. He couldn't do it. In fact, he took a big trip with boring Biden. There was a stall at that point.

And, coming in from the outside, was Palin who took the lead and has never let up. Obama has nothing but pathetic negative blastings to play. But, he will be throwing them out at a McCain/Palin team he can not catch.

The Republicans are the ones with the perfect timing. Republicans are the ones with the momentum. And, in the end game, that is pretty tough to catch.

In our State House of Representatives we will gain, probably three seats. In the Senate we will not lose any numbers. (To give you some perspective, the Senate Republicans lost two seats in '04 and six seats in '08....that was 8 seats in a mere 24 months!) But, it is the governor's mansion that now looks within reach.

So, Sarah...YOU are the change we needed.

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