Friday, August 8, 2008

The Only English Language Television Channel In China Will Not Broadcast the Olympics

Late Thursday night we entered the apartment complex. An elevator guy manned the lift to the seventh floor. Iron grating surrounds all the windows and doors. I guess there is at least one other reason there is not much crime in China!

Novella has an upper end apartment. It is in a part of town where everyone is Chinese. She is the only Caucasian in her building and she is excited about us having the real Chinese experience.

The dwelling is about 800 square feet. The refrigerator is about 3 feet tall as is the sink. Short is "in." There is a barred open air balcony. The bathroom has all that is needed. You shower over the floor where you stand to brush your teeth. It all drains out somewhere.

There are two bedrooms and we do have Internet. The priority there goes to Dan as he is helping with Melanie's media requests.

Novella has a TV. There is one English language TV station in China and it will NOT be showing the Olympics! That's right. Our host country wants all visitors out spending money is all I can figure. Seven million people have descended on Beijing. The only common language is English. But, in the case of Olympic coverage here and in the Philippines and probably all over Asia, if you do not speak Chinese you are out of luck.

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