Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympic Village

The greatest sport at the Olympic Village is "people watching!"

We made it through the tight security which included meeting a bus at an obscure location (and known only to athletes) and then being driven in to the village.

Here you are in a town with thousands of perfect human bodies. No one was overweight! All heights, all races, a utopia of in-their-prime people! Many had just come in from their events. Some you recognized from the television. Here at the village you see them up close.

I loved reading their jackets...Ethiopia, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, etc.

And, the cafeteria where we ate was larger than a football field. You could literally have anything you wanted! The ethnic food was authentic, for sure.

Ethan chose the ethnic food of the United States. Yes, there was a McDonald's in this field house cafeteria. I think Ethan was starving. Either he wasn't too good with chop sticks or didn't like the Chinese food we have been eating. But, at this meal he had a hamburger, french fries, McNuggets and a pop. He ate ALL of this! He is my all American grandson!

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