Friday, August 8, 2008

Pandas, Pandas, Pandas

During the dinner meeting with the folks from foreign affairs, Novella (our hostess while in China)took Ethan to see "Kung Foo Panda." This was on the day that we visited the panda preserve so we thought that was pretty cool. Novella checked on-line to see that it was in English. When they got there it was not in English and there were no subtitles! So, Novella whispered into Ethan's ear the whole translation!

"Yeah, well when I was seven a Fulbright Scholar whispered the English translation of "Kung Foo Panda" to me while viewing the movie in Chengdu, China!"

Great story, Ethan. And, It is just one of many for you, I am sure. Your grandma loves you!

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