Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boys And Girls Club Auburn Breakfast

I have just returned from the Boys and Girls Club Annual Breakfast hosted in part by King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer. It was a fun event and two John Carlsons were there...KVI talk host and Seahawk tight end who was the featured speaker.

With 10% unemployment it is a difficult time to ask for donations but the community has been stepping up to the plate.Elected officials were there to lend support. U.S, Congressman Adam Smith, State Reps. Mark Milocia and Skip Priest, Sen. Tracey Eide and were seated at my table. I will see Tracey on the floor of the Senate Friday at noon when we begin the wind down of the 30 day special session.

I will soon report on the Willards and their granddaughter, "Lilly." I have had several contacts regarding this case over the holiday and the following two days including exchanges of conversation with top administrator Denise Revels Robinson.

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Anonymous said...

Ihave spoken to many many parents .it seems cps started high tide in stealing childerm in back in 2001.i.m wondering even with all i have seen and found out.why cps is doing this right under every ones noses and nothing cam be done about it they are loving our childerm to cps is getting braver ever day doing their dirt right out in the open .they fix it to look like the parents were bad people.when theirnot