Friday, April 2, 2010

Brown Eggs is Easter weekend and we have 31 Rhode Island Red laying hens in full production. These brown chickens lay brown eggs. And, we get a couple of dozen a day.

We are a family that has the deviled eggs all made up BEFORE the Easter egg hunt!

In the past the kids would hunt the eggs...Mom begs a few back after the hunt...and then does up the deviled eggs for dinner. That's what I used to do anyway. But not any more!I will have two huge platters filled to snack on when everyone comes in the door.

These eggs taste the same...but they dye up a little different. Yellow is not something a brown egg does well!

Have a wonderful Easter celebration. Our family will have the church service, dinner, the hunt, and the fun. At the core of the activity will be the message of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and... the memory of grandma's brown-yellow eggs.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you Pam and yours.
Thank you,
Grandma in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Senator. Give a hug to all your crew from the family support groups.

Anonymous said...

Itoo used to have those chickens , try rubberbands while dying them , make blue firts then tale off rubber band and do red , should work , play with them but I found other than using wax rubberbands are great . beaster blessings to you bobbi

Anonymous said...

Yum-yum deviled eggs; I could eat both trays LOL, my cholesterol would go through the roof.
My friend Gov-gonwild has chickens that are truly free ranging 700 acres and it seems like they don't affect my cholesterol like the store bought eggs.
I am surprised at how many urban folks raise their own.
You may consider your home front as rural but up here the closest neighbor is two miles distant and the nearest store is 26 miles.

strawberryblonde said...

Deviled eggs are a big favorite here, too.
Though we don't live where I can have laying hens.

Even my son with special needs, loves hunting for easter eggs. Of course you have to modify the activity so those eggs aren't smelling up the place months later but the excitement while scooting along his belly toward the colorful target is really fun to watch.

We are just thankful for every day. Have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

I am night manager of an independent living community and one of the elderly patrons decided to have an Easter egg hunt - with the elderly! I wasn't sure it would go over, but sure enough, here comes all these little old ladies with their canes and walkers frantically looking for eggs that were stuffed with pennies, wise sayings and candy. They had the time of their life and it went over well. Who says we can't act like kids at 90?

Anonymous said...

Our Easter will never be the same. Our lives will never be the same. We cannot remember when the pitter patter of little feet came running to greet us. She is gone. We just don't have it in us this year, but we love Jesus our Lord. Have a happy Easter Pam.

Anonymous said...

My Easter was spent alone... because some commissioner decided that I am not allowed to be around my grandson. This was based on lies submitted to the court by a vindictive hateful ex son in-law. Grandparents have no rights in the State of Washington as a result I wasn’t even given the opportunity to defend myself against the lies. My daughter only gets him one day a week and today is the day so I am not allowed to be a part of the celebration. My daughter has no lawyer to defend her and she is too young to be aggressive enough to go up against my ex-son lawyer who in law we hear is the best lawyer in Seattle. Over the last year I have lost all faith in our family court system. It is a joke! It’s not about what’s best for the child but who has the money to get the best lawyer!