Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dr. Phil Takes On CPS

This comes to us from Barbara Mowrey. Thank you Barbara:

Dear Friends,

Please take a few moments to view today's compelling show RE: family courts in our states; please view this show to better understand who we are, and what we are fighting for. Dr. Phil states in this show, "This is only scratching the surface of the problem," and he "vows" to make this issue his priority for future shows.

Thank you for your time. We are working very hard to get our information out to all that matter, which caused this show to be aired. And, you matter to us.


Barbara Mowrey
Foster Parent
Executive Secretary
Former Councilmember


Anonymous said...

i could not find anything in dr phil's information that deals with the department (cps/casa/judicial) lies and deceit used to terminate biological families. there is so much publication everywhere that it is no secret to these people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,
This is such good news as the Grandma of our great=grnddaughter and myself included sent emails to Dr.Phil about this also just about a month ago.These were good emails asking him to seriously take a look at the systems as we thought they were suppowed to help children and not kidmap children that did not need to be taken and to help the ones that are truly getting abused.
Thank you,
Grandma in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Dr. Drew is 100x more real than Dr. Phil...and has been involved with this stuff longer than I've been alive..someone should interview him.

Lovingfitfather said...

The problem is simple "The Child Abuse Industry" uses "Eminent Qualified Immunity" with "Malice and Forethought" to "Intentionally Fail," victimize, exploit and traffic in innocent children with "Impunity."
They simply intentionally fail to protect children because this is what is profitable and the actualities or "Best Interest of Child" is relevant only in regard to the malignant vested interest of "Child Welfare" with total disregard of what is best for these children or their families...
It is time to stop intentionally destroying our families with avarice being the "Status Quo." Appallingly our so called "Social Workers are coerced into "Pimping" children for the State more often than not into "Foster Hell."

Debbie said...

My beautiful 28 year old daughter passed away of cancer on Sunday On Oct 19th 2008. I allowed people to babysit my 3 year old granddaughter on Friday Oct 17th 2008, at their persistent request to help me. The day after my daughters passing these people had custody of my granddaughter. Prior to them picking her up on that Friday these people did not know her other than seeing her twice for couple of hours. She and my daughter lived with me in Michigan. These people had no death certificate and no father on the birth certificate. I am still fighting for my granddaughter in court, What happens when cps won't get involved?

Anonymous said...

These so called "Child saviors' all know that you cannot really find and prevent child abuse until it is to late and it is RARE in the first place.
What they can do is sensationalize the infrequent abuse so that they get funding that allows them to be the major perpetrator of abuse to innocent children by stealing them from loving good families. 95 out of every 100 dependent children were never neglected or abused by their biological families yet 100 percent of them are TERMINATED from their biological families.

Anonymous said...

The outcome for any-child when CPS is involved is poor for the child and profitable for CPS child be damned.