Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Pam

I had a fun day working on my reelection campaign. And, with 2,000 Face Book friends I felt well loved! Thanks everyone for the kind messages.

I also took many calls. Sweetest was from granddaughter Sadie (5) who called from Germany. And the biggest surprise was a call from my good friend Jose ____ who was calling from his home in La Cieba, Honduras, where I do my work with the rural poor.

There was little time to recap the past decades. I know I am happy.

The biggest question for the future tonight as I write is: "Will Jack Bauer actually die?" My present to myself is an hour with the computer in front of TV's "24." This is the best of multi-tasking!

Contributions for my reelection may be sent to:
Citzens for Pam Roach
P.O. Box 682
Auburn, WA 98071

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