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New KING Reporting On DSHS ...Children Continue To Die!

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Seattle...Updated yesterday at 4:42 PM

Read DSHS external review Executive Summary
Entire external review
DSHS response to review

In 2008 there was an unusually high number of maltreatment related child fatalities in Pierce County.

Four children who were all in the DSHS system in order to protect them from harm died in the first six months of that year. That prompted an outside reviewer, Dr. Benjamin de Haan, to be hired to look at the Pierce County (Region 5) DSHS management culture and effectiveness.

Dr. de Haan found that Region 5’s child welfare practices are not in line with statewide norms and that a renewed emphasis on child safety in the region should have occurred long ago.

Other findings include that the region historically is being resistant to outside ideas and that it operates in a "crisis-oriented culture - one that is more focused on fixing mistakes than preventing them."

Dr. de Haan also found there is a great deal of fear among DSHS workers in Pierce County who are worried that if they make mistakes their supervisors won’t be able to help manage the consequences.

Dr. de Haan gives the region three high-priority recommendations to help prevent future child fatalities: immediately focus on providing better quality social work, creation of a community outreach program, and development a system to guide better decision-making in what should happen to children who are at risk of being abused or neglected.

Here's an idea...why don't we take the resources currently used to take kids from families when there is no abuse....and use that money to save lives? As in the case of the Stuths there were lies and tricks...though never an accusation of any kind of abuse. Yet they fought tooth and nail to take Alexis.

Like the Stuths...the Willards provided well for their granddaughter but the department is still unrelenting....There is plenty of money to take children who are safe...but never enough (maybe we just need better management) to keep kids from getting killed. Where are the priorities? It is all about power.


Anonymous said...

Any solid building has to begin with a good foundation. It is the foundation of child protection that is sorely lacking. It starts with a faulty belief system that includes but not limited to:
1. Public policy makers believe that in order to keep children safe, they have to violate parental and extended family Constitutional rights with law maker assistance in accomplishing this
2. They spread propaganda that extended family have too many problems to take the children so they find reasons not to place with them while placing with fosters with massive issues
3. They believe that because lies, stealing and cheating are fortified by the judicial system then they are above the law
4. They feel invincible because of immunity and know that all supervisors, AG and judges will not hold them responsible for any civil rights or court room violations
5. They developed a system that "gets around" the Constitution while taking oaths to uphold the Constitution
6. In this system there is little due process of law and the options they provide for relief have no standards of judicial conduct
7. In the courtroom, each assigned player has an attorney paid for with tax dollars. The accused has one against four or five adversarial attorneys.
8. Any and all accusations are accepted as fact and hearsay, that wouldn't be allowed in any other situation, is allowed here. All are considered guilty without a voice to prove otherwise
9. Family friends and advocates for the family aren't allowed to participate or invited to speak
10. "Experts" who don't even take the time to do a solid evaluation report and stretch truth as far as truth can be stretched are given special considerations

Anonymous said...

The pretentious child saviors who we all know to be lying murdering bottom feeders who intentionally fail children with impunity will never stop.
Why should they after all it is so lucrative for them to fail. At each stage of their rhetoric they are rewarded with more funding and they know it.
The more disingenuous they become the greater their feeding frenzy.
Their voracity in destroying family and children knows no bounds because it is government sanctioned.
Just check out the UK's Tony Blair for example:

Who is insane? Not our families. Power has corrupted the status quo beyond comprehension.
The latest political propaganda declares that 25 percent of America's support the Tea parties.
I think 85 percent would be closer to the truth.
These good patriotic American are being portrayed as mentally ill extremist. Do you blivet? [A blivet is 50 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag.]
Come to think of it they are running Government just like Child dependency court which is a clear and cogent preponderance of fraud'
My friends we need more than Tea Party's we need blanket party's, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...


Dr. de Haan also found there is a great deal of fear among DSHS workers in Pierce County who are worried that if they make mistakes their supervisors won’t be able to help manage the consequences.
I think this needs to be translated. "The natives are growing restless: they are beginning to rebel against our fraud.... and I am afraid some parent might RIGHTFULLY hold me personally accountable for my criminal behavior."
Signed Tea Partiest


Lovingfitfather said...

Institutional success will not garner a reward such as increased funding therefore in order to succeed or gain more power it is necessary for Child Welfare to intentionally fail.
Hence their malignant agenda.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two comments above and would like to add that;
1. The title IV-E funds that the state recieves for these children are in the tens of thousands for each child.
2.The bounus paid to the state for each child that is adopted out of foster care is also a very huge amount.Because this amount is not just $4-6 thousand dollars, this amount is multiplied by the number that exceeds the baseline number of children that the state gets adopted out.So we are talking big money here for the state.
3.The reason the state works so hard at taking children that do not need to be taken and not protecting the ones that need to be protected is: what do people want to adopt? Children that are not drug or abuse affected. I know that this sounds bad but this is just how it is. This is a CORRUPT BUSINESS OF CPS/DSHS.
4.So the children that really need to be protected do not get any help and therefore there continue to be children that are killed.
5.Senator Roach is absolutly right that if the state would use this money to truly help these children that are getting abused and killed instead of using it to take children from their families and making up lies about them and spending thousands of dollars in court, then there would be less of these precious children getting abused and killed.
6.But then the state does have to make money doesn't it. This has made the state CORRUPT, CORRUPT,CORRUPT.
The people of this state and others need to demand and put an end to the needless legalized kidnapping of our children. We all need to work together to make this happen.
Concerned Grandma

Anonymous said...

its about time all the little politicians listen to this public outcry, and do the job for the people who put them there!

Anonymous said...

Simple solution Ms. Sutton. Get rid of Tom Stokes and your Bremerton office will make the progress it was until he returned. Then leave families alone that do not want or need your "help". I am tired of paying my hard earned dollars for your industry in the child sales industry. I would bet my last buck that there is money under the table involved in these stranger adoptions.
And all of you good foster/adopt parents Do not count on using the people of washington to give you anymore free kids with a pay check. WE ARE DONE WITH YOUR SCAM!

Anonymous said...

I think there are at least three things people have to realize:

1) When people have a complaint regarding CPS; something happened that shouldn't have. For example: in my situation as a teenager (17 years old; many years ago) because the court and CPS were arguing with my parents over a resource class (another younger sibling); three other minors in the family paid a hefty price. For whatever reason; all of this affected me profoundly more so than the other children. I saw my parent's treated unfairly where thier daughter was taken from school and given to a foster parent. Then in order to defend themselves; the situation became worse. Anyway, three minors were left to fend for themselves (one parent fleeing the country with their child and the other parent thrown in jail because of that. I and two other minors were not placed in foster care; however, we were not given any money to support ourselves with from the court system or CPS and no kind words of support from anyone. So, how does anyone in their right mind think that I can say anything nice about our Child Protection System? I and two other children were left as orphans to fend for ourselves. How or why that happened I don't know. I was not allowed in the courtroom back then. When I think back I don't know how we fed ourselves. I just remember going to high school and being extremely sad as to why society could care less and left to wonder why I was treated as if I didn't exist. Believe me having come from a safe home I do not believe foster care was the answer as the situation could have been alot worse in foster care!
2) As an adult, I have to deal with insults from people I don't even know because I try to explain my viewpoint especially from foster parents and of course probably Social Workers. I obviously grew up mistrusting CPS because of my experience. I actually have never met a Social Worker in person or a CPS judge. However, as an adult now people still don't seem to understand that I was left orphaned without any resources from CPS or the court and still would rather hurl insults at me. Now can supporters of the system understand this?
3) Naturally, I grew up mistrusting CPS for very good reason. However, this does bring up the question; is then that our system is corrupt? I happen to know for a fact that a baby was taken directly out of a hospital room and was given to adopters. That baby was not drug affected or alcohol affected because another sibling (oldest brother) married a wife who was alledged to have medical issues while in birth. This has been the story of my life. Even though I had nothing to do to cause any of this trauma with either of these stories; this all did affect me and my life and my happiness! If I didn't care I simply would have shut my eyes to all of this; however, I couldn't; I wasn't given the choice!

cmarinaro said...

Children continue to die because so many on DSHS abuse their privileges! Many of these recipients are drug and alcohol abusers! They sell their benefits to drug dealers or others for cash to by drugs or alcohol. I truly believe that is child abuse and should be prosecuted as such.

I advocate for illicit drug testing of all Welfare recipients to be drug tested as entrance into the programs and randomly thereafter. I will admit my family is on the Federal Basic Food Program while I am in College; I would be the first to stand in line for a urine test if it meant getting help for my family.

I did research on it and wrote a paper on how it could be implemented with a low cost in our state. The saving of money would far out way the cost of the tests.

The availability to test was given to states in the late '90s and many states have already begun testing theirs. Just like getting a new job and needing to be drug tested, so should our DSHS recipients. In fact many employers require random drug testing of their employees, why shouldn't those who receive free monies do the same...

Anonymous said...

can you please cite the laws used and explain how the department can secretly adopt a child while the appeals process is still ongoing?

Anonymous said...

I recently read that Congress authorized AFDC payments (welfare)in 1961 to be given to "foster care providers". I just would like to say that tax payers need to understand who is actually receiving AFDC payments and who is not! Do you honestly believe that every poor family who has had to fight CPS even received an AFDC welfare check, WIC or even food stamps and for how long or how much? I can tell you that like the reader above; that a family probably had to use these services for a temporary period; however, some families were poor because these services (AFDC, food stamps, WIC)did not exist for them growing up that is why we had poverty in America. Long before food stamps; we had a USDA agriculture program of commodities. Also, to my understanding if there was a father in the household; families could not receive AFDC or possibly in some states. Do you honestly believe that every father and mother who actually has lost a baby to CPS even received food stamps let alone a welfare check? I assure you they did not!

Anonymous said...

cmarinaro I think all CPS employees, "child Abuse Industry" service provider employees and and "Foster Provider's should do mandatory drugs tests. These need to be provided by third party's independent of title four funding.
In fact I suspect you probably already know that CPS make drug allegations where needed and forges positive drug tests where necessary just to intentionally fail [Traffic in children.]
In fact I believe that you are already aware that when CPS removes children from people who may have addiction issues they usually choose to put children in worse off places. Because its good for business. Lastly I am sure that you are also aware that children do better even with poor parents than they do in alternative placements just as CPS does, but like them you know this is not profitable....

Anonymous said...

Blogger cmarinaro said...

Children continue to die...
there are alcohol and drug abusers in every walk of life....please do a paper on the history of children in foster care, the exploitation of children for federal funding, and the corruption within the INDUSTRY of best interest of child