Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter To WA Federation Republican Women

I wrote this as a fundraising letter but have pared out that part. What is left is the crux of the speech sans all the fun stories.

Dear Fellow Republican Women,

Thank you so much for having me as your guest speaker this evening. It is an honor to be here and I look forward to meeting many Federation members tonight.

I will be speaking on political activism and how women can be involved in electing Republicans to office. It is a subject that we often hear about. But, it is like going to church I suppose. We need to touch base with why we are here and be motivated to do the right things.

Core of any motivation to political action is our system of beliefs. You and I have the right core values. What we need to do is touch base with those values...feel the danger that has been brought to them.... and then get moving to defend and assert our beliefs though helping in campaigns. Motivation to work on campaigns ….is brought on by a desire to “make things right” according to our own value systems.

And, we share common values. We want less big government, less government waste, and more legislative respect for the Constitutional rights we were given and have protected through the years.

We work together. We win or lose together. This year is the year to win...and we must put all our efforts into capitalizing on the failures of the Obama and Gregoire catastrophes! When they give you the run with it!

We run with the ball and flame of our Republican beliefs and hope the crowd of cheering voters wants us to win. But, we cannot win just on the failings or ire against others. We must clearly articulate what we stand for and why Republicans should be elected....

.... Let's run together as a team to take back this state! .....

Faithfully Yours,

State Senator
31st District Candidate

P.S. Jim and I visited with our son, United States Air Force Captain John Roach. He and his family are stationed half way around the world. We visited Normandy Beaches. We walked through the hallowed cemetery along the cold coast. We stood on ground where American blood was shed to save the world. Motivation comes pretty easily when you touch base with your values.

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