Monday, April 26, 2010

Honduras Back In The News...Watch For Activity In The Western Hemisphere

Reader Writes: A new look at one of your old articles regarding Chevez:

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Significant information?
Son, Captain John learned when he signed up that the military pays $500 a month more for people who speak a foreign language. having spent 2 years on an LDS mission to Brazil, he is fluent in Portuguese.

But, that was not a language that they wanted. OK. The military was interested in Punjabi, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian...

A couple of months ago word went out that they now wanted Portuguese speakers. Really? Why? I don't think the interest is Portugal. The Portuguese held Azores is the location of a U.S Air Force Base. Friendly there.

But, Brazil is an interesting political subject. (Remember it was Brazil that smuggled President Mel Zalaya back into Honduras after he had tried to run an illegal election.) By the way...there are more people in South America that speak Portuguese than speak Spanish. John passed the test, of course. And, maybe someday he will be stationed again in Brazil. First for his church and then for his country.

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