Sunday, April 25, 2010

Short Pam Roach Bio

The following were the introductory remarks before speaking to the women's group.

Pam Roach was elected 31st District State Senator in 1990 and has just finished serving in her 20th legislative session. She started as a citizen activist and now, with a smile, she says she was a "community organizer!"

Senator Roach is known for her stanch defense of our State and Federal Constitutions, her work to make government more open and accountable, and her consistent votes to protect taxpayers.

As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee she led the efforts to reform our state's DUI laws and our juvenile justice system. She was the legislative sponsor of the successful "Hard Time For Armed Crime" and "Three Strikes You're Out" initiatives.

As chair of the Governmental Operations and Election Committee Senator Roach ushered in election reforms after the infamous Florida Primary by sponsoring the "Help America Vote Act."

Pam is currently working to make DSHS more accountable. Every month at least one child dies under the auspices of Child Protective Services. CPS also takes children from qualified relative families. Senator Roach brought the story of grandparents Doug and Ann Marie Stuth to KING 5 TV which eventually led to the Stuths adoption of their granddaughter after the state had falsified records.

Senator Roach is also working to save Rainier School for the developmentally disabled from closure. For her efforts she was the only incumbent Senator running for reelection this year to be endorsed by the Federation of State Employees at their meeting last week.

In her spare time Senator Roach works with La Escuela de Esperanza (School of Hope) a non-profit organization which she founded to aid the children of Honduras. Besides Honduras she has enjoyed travel to 34 countries including five trips to China. During one trip to China she represented Gov. Gregoire in the earthquake area of Chengdu. In another she organized and led a delegation of 14 state legislators to study Chinese culture and languages instruction. She has championed the including of foriegn language instruction in our elementary schools.

Pam and her husband Jim have been married 39 years and have five children. Son, Dan, is currently serving in the State House of Representatives. Pam and Dan are the only mother-son duo to serve in the legislature from the same district, at the same time, in U.S. history. Son, John, is currently serving as a captain in the United States Air Force and recently returned from assignment in Qatar.

Pam and Jim live on a 7 acre farm near Enumclaw and enjoy gardening and barbecues with their children and 13 grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, I am proud to say you are our Senator and our friend!

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A new look at one of your old articles regarding Chevez: