Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Senator Roach Has Long Talk With CPS High-up And New Case Introduced

It was a conversation that lasted an hour and a half last Friday evening.

Lots was validated. The department knew that the judge in the Stuth case had not been informed of the emergency removal of little "Lisa" from the foster woman just the night before they argued for placement with the foster woman.

The department has no care what-so-ever that they get their facts wrong in these cases or that they withhold information from the judge. It makes them move faster to take the child. They want to steal a child faster!

Such is a new case of which I have been made aware. CPS lured a grandmother and 3 year-old to their offices...promising Christmas presents for the child... and a routine evaluation for the grandmother in the process of adoption.

The child was escorted down the hall for her gifts. The grandmother was escorted into a room where she was informed she would never see her granddaughter again!

The grandparents did get to see their little granddaughter (who had been promised would be theirs by the mother's wishes and the state). On two Fridays for 45 minutes they were allowed to see her. At the parting their "Lisa" screamed and kicked and was absolutely hysterical at being pulled away from her "parents." Aren't you all proud of the work CPS is doing? What kind of harm are they doing to this child?!

The state is moving very quickly. Last week there was a hearing to which the grandparents were not invited. They found out about it one day prior through a friend. They were not even informed!!! The state's plan is to have someone else's 3 year-old placed, permanently, within 3 weeks!

What is wrong with the grandparents?

1. The state says they stole a computer from Swedish Hospital.

The computer was surplussed along with 100 others and given away. (They have the receipt.)

2. They don't make enough money.

She is a pre-school teacher and the grandfather works at the school district as support staff.

3. Third sin? Their daughter has been on drugs.

Yes, that is true. And, she would not have the child. The child has been with the grandparents for 3 years. Besides, the fact is that she has been clean and sober with counseling.

"Families First" in WA State? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you understand and see how much respect you have earned across the country.You have stood up against one of the largest and worst entities out there.We applaud you and are hoping you never back down.
As for the Stuth case,DSHS never thought about the child.They don't care about any of the children they steal.Best of luck on your new case and I look forward to reading another win for Grandparents real soon!

CherryBlossomGirl said...

I think tat is just terrible. I hope that something can be done to fix these situations soon otherwise something much much worse could end up happening. Best of luck and may God watch over you and your own.

Anonymous said...

OMG it just never ends!
They(CPS)doesn't change because they don't have to.
This is as appalling as the Stuth case. I hope King 5 and Komo 4 are up on this and bring this story to the public as well. Taxpayers and voters need to see what they keep defending and are so proud of in this state. They talk about change with Obama so lets see some of that change beginning with CPS.
Thank God they have you Senator Roach!

christy said...

If you can attend this Senator Roach that would be great.

Thursday February 19th, doors open at 5:30 pm.
dshs is holding their 2nd Annual Communitunty Forum they are calling this forum

"Our Community Our Kids" I will try to brief on this letter I received, anyone interested in attending I will leave the information at the bottom.

This Year's Forum will feature opening remarks by Hoquiam Mayor, Jack Durney
Four Panels of Community Members:
PREVENTION - Featuring guests such local Pediatrician, Dr. Steve Hutton

LEGAL - including long-time Superior judge Gordon Godfrey

EDUCATION - including education support and specialists such as Grays Harbor Infant/Toddler Early Intervention Specialist, Kelli Miller

FAMILY- Featuring a local Foster Youth, Foster Parent, Birth Parent and Social Worker

ADRESS 1700 Cherry Street, Aberdeen Washington or you may contact Sholeh Lulham (360)537-4319, fax:(360)533-9236 Email: lulh300@dshs.wa.gov

Anonymous said...

It is absolutly crazy what CPS is doing to these families and to the child. THIS NEEDS TO STOPPED.The child is old enough to know what is going on.A child should only be taken for one reason and that is in a case of abuse or neglect.Finacial reasons are no reason to do this.Someone needs to help these grandparents get there grandchild home as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Be very cautious, please, in separating grandparents' rights when dealing with the STATE (CPS) and fit parents.

I assisted in drafting an Amicus Brief to the USSC in the Troxel case in support of fit parents.

There were many statutes across the country,well minded when enacted in decades past, to support grandparents that became twisted, wherein fit parents lost their rights to disgruntled grandparents who had nothing more than a grudge and a statute to support that grudge.

I have conducted CLE classes on this issue.

Meanwhile, fit grandparents fighting the State (CPS) always lost.

The problem is CPS. Please keep that thought foremost in your endeavors.

I admire your grit and your resolve to help these children and their families.

I am 3,000 miles away but I stand ready to help you in any way that I can.

Very best regards from NYC,
M. Henley

Anonymous said...

This is just so tragic to see happening again. I followed the Stuth case very closely, and also did alot of research on my own on that case as well. In the Stuth case the original casa involved was from Marin County Cali.. And after doing some research on him and the foster parent I found that the foster parents brother was from the same town as the casa involved in this case, and they moved here within a few months of each other and only live a few miles apart. I find this very odd that they all became so involved with each other up here. And I will also bet bottom dollar that this little girl has been stolen from her family and has been placed with a friend or family member of a social worker, OR even a social worker themselves! This is how dshs works! And if I'm wrong about this little girl and where she is, I will stand on a mountian top and praise dshs, but you know as well as I do..... This will never happen! because I am RIGHT! So here is my question... am I right or am I wrong? Who has this little girl?

Anonymous said...

I know these people who are fighting the DSHS system very well. They have been married for years, devote everything they have to their family and their community. The grandmother was named Lion of the Year, United Way Volunteer of the Year and Community Action Volunteer of the year. They put in countless hours on playgrounds, church work, and helping people in need. They neither have any abuse or neglect in their backgrounds and no alchol or drug use ever. They don't even smoke! This action has an entire community on fire with anger and schools across the state should also back up their cause. He is a public school employee and has been for years and she is a pre-school teacher. These people are the "ideal picture" of whom should be raising children. She even taught me in a parenting class when I was young. So the teacher of state ordered parenting classes can't have her granddaughter? How ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Senator,
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Last night on King 5 they finally came out with the real deal - the crisis is about the Social Security that is rapidly dwindling now that the baby boomers have aged out.
I thought way back when talks of this first were going underway. I thought, "they will create a financial crisis and bankrupt the country all the while continuing to spend knowing the outcome." Well sure enough. Here we are.
Senator, I really believe there needs to be a vision amongst the legislators to dismantle CPS immediately and stop taking the money. They have always had the option of doing that but chose not to because of financial state stimulation. It is past that and millions of people will suffer horribly if this continues. I urge you to begin the process of dismantling CPS, not taking the Federal incentives, and making child protection a police matter and putting court back into Superior only. If the legislators do not do this and encourage other states to as well, there will be no social security for people to retire on. What then? Just kill off the old poor people?
This is an emergency and an emergency decision making session on this is in order.
I am going to spend some time up at the Capitol discussing this with the Senate and legislators. It is time to put a complete stop to this now.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer I have worked on these kinds of cases and have seen well meaning but tunnel visioned case workers plowing ahead at breakneck speed to "save the child." Sometimes senior staffers get involved and reunification occurs, but only after removal and emotional suffering for all involved. Sometimes reunification does not occur for a year or so and then, of course, the damage is much worse. One thing I have noticed is that often the case workers involved are newer Masters grads and I think the education they receive perhaps isn't well matched with what parents often face in dealing with small children. These caseworkers are almost ALWAYS single with no children of their own. It is easy to judge a parent for twisting a child's arm that left a small mark but when the whole story comes out and it turns out it was due to the child running toward the road where a car was coming, hmmm, sometimes parents only have choices between two not great choices. Yet, these parents often will not receive credit for making a not great choice that actually saved their child's life. It's insane and there is often no common sense involved.

infinite freedom said...

The problem of abuse has never been addressed in our government. So far, all we have done is make the problem worse. What would be so hard in helping people? Washington State (CPS)social workers are the most harmful thing to ever happen to our children. They behave exactly like any other abuser, suppressive as all ...

Someday, when we are all in the know, we will support prevention. I only pray for that day to be soon.

Anonymous said...

In my case all parties know and realize that I should have my child. Yet they continue to keep my daughter from me. They have forged documents to the court. My declarations to the court are ignored. This is a fraudulent legality. My daughter is treated like mere chattel in foster care, suffering both abuse and neglect. Please someone intercede to recuperate my daughter from this abuse and return her home.

Anonymous said...

This same thing has happend to my beautiful 3 yr old daughter. She has NEVER been away from our family. they took her away from my parents who had custody while i was straightening out my life and told them they would never see her again because they were having finacial issues. THERE WAS NO ABUSE OR NEGLECT. My parents did anything for my daughter.CPS/DSHS IS STEALING CHILDREN SO THEY CAN KEEP THEM FOR THEMSELVES. SOMEONE HELP US!!!