Saturday, February 6, 2010

Collateral Information...Lies Used Against Families In Court

Collateral information: stories, rumors, unverified information used by CPS against families in dependency cases.

DSHS goes out into the stream of acquaintance a person or couple may have in order to find out information about them. Interviews are done as part of a fact finding. I have no problem with that. Permanent placement of a child is a VERY important thing. Neighbors and work supervisors may be the only source of key information that may actually have bearing on the placement.

But, it has been my experience that information from collateral sources can be unverified lies...that the department accepts as fact. They simply do not check out the facts. Or, they like what they hear and use it regardless. They, in some cases, hang onto the lies like a dog on a bone. You can pull and pet and don't dare will not get them to change their reports. (It took 3 hours to have the Kidney and dialyses lie taken from the Willard home study. It would NEVER have come out without the effort my aide took. and...we will have to see if it really did come out after he left the room.)

Bari Willard has breast cancer. This was learned or maybe made up by a CS (collateral source). The department never even asked Mrs. Willard about this. They just added it to the report. There was no medical record stating this that went along with the statement. No proof. No opportunity to rebut. No fact.

The Stuths never financially supported their daughter and granddaughter. Nope, never helped them. KING 5 showed a pile of cancelled checks. Yes. CPS had lied.

It goes on and on. They lie in their reports. These reports go to a judge.


Anonymous said...

In my daughter’s case CPS put in there report that I said she was a heroin addict which is lie because I never said that!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how these judges who are SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD THE LAW and have the best interest of the child at heart, can accept these reports that are full of lies and unreliable source statements and lying social workers (proven to have lied) testimonies as fact, in a court of law!!! You would think that they would see/hear the lies and deny the statements to be submitted and further prosecute the purgery that happens in these cases. It makes me sick to know the facts about the Willards case and know that the officials connected to this travisty are allowed to get away with it!!! This has to stop and they have to be held accountable. I commend the Stueths and the Willards for their strength and the love for their grandchildren to never give up the fight and to help make things better for grandparents in the future. Lillie (M) has to come home and the officials in this case need to be fired and sued!!! I cannot believe that they are allowed to continue in their positions knowing what they have said and done to the Willards to keep their grandchild. Any other business and they would have been gone immediately. Keep fighting Bari & Andy!!! Stay strong and never give up the fight. Lillie (M) will come home soon!!! I love and support you both!!

Lovingfitfather said...

It would be correct to describe dependency cases against families as
a "PREPONDERANCE OF FRAUD" that CPS, and Family court is succinctly aware of while most biological families wither under this "color of law" totalitarian assault
What is really abhorrent about this process is that the public by and large are totally unaware of the disingenuous status quo of the child protection industry.

Anonymous said...

God bless the nuclear interdependent biological family THE ARBITRARY UNDECLARED AUTOMATIC ENEMY OF THE STATE!

Anonymous said...

Is it ironic that collateral damage in war is accidental death to innocent parties by friendly fire.


Pam Brown aka gorillamum said...

Isn't it something that Americans were arrested in Hati for child traffiking, but here a Government agency is far more guilty of worse things than these people and nothing gets done. I did have a wondeful dream last night that CPS and all other areas of child protection workers were arrested as well as judges! The only thing left out of that dream was attorney's being forced to return money for services not rendered. And something tells me thwey are not investigating the Foster Father who was stalking me and they let adopt my great Niece is not being done. He knew how many bedrooms my apartment had and where it was. You couldn't tell that by looking at the building, you had to be inside!

Anonymous said...

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."



Anonymous said...

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