Thursday, February 25, 2010

Political Incorrectness And Being Political...Tim Eyman

How many out there in the WA State audience think that Tim Eyman's initiatives would make it to the ballot or get voted in as law if Tim was a mild mannered, quiet, politically correct, boring guy?

Now think about this before you answer. Remember that while the signature gathering phase of his initiative campaigns are funded...the campaign for passage is not. It is the force of one man's personality...the drive, the tenacity...the ability to NOT GIVE IN...that, coupled with the populist content of the measures, pushes his initiatives forward.

(This little treatise is because someone didn't like the use of the word "evil".)

Tim is hard to avoid. His actions demand attention. Yesterday afternoon he showed up for the governor's signing of the repeal of the initiative passed by the people... the "Taxpayers Protection Act" or the provisions of I-960. In front of God and the press (some think there is little difference), Eyman, alone, walked up and stood by the governor as she read the card in front of her and then signed the bill. Eyman stuck right by her side as she began to answers questions from the press corps (sounds like K-OR). There he stood!!!! I can't believe he did this! Totally, totally, incorrect.

Apparently, he was waiting for his pen and a picture. The governor eventually offered him a pen and he reached in the box to get a couple more. He had a few friends who had spent $700,000 dollars and 300 days in passing I-960 and they, as well, were hoping to have a little memento as I-960 was signed away. Seems like the funeral was well covered with all that press and Eyman peering over the governor's shoulder.

This man is totally politically incorrect. He is outrageous! He is rude with a smile. Did he even HAVE a mother???

Yet he is successful. He calls things like they are. Or, if you prefer, as he sees things.

Martin Luther King...Mahatma Gandhi...political incorrectness is in the eye of the beholder. Our world is a better place because of people who do not mind walking the road. Using the word "evil" is a necessity if you are going to make change. If you don't believe there is evil...and say will never have what it takes to make change in the face of overwhelming odds and without funding.

"Without money, you cannot slay a dragon unless you are politically incorrect!" Pam Roach


Anonymous said...

I say AMEN to that one, Senator.
Jan Smith

gorillamum said...

Yes, he is politically incorrect. I stated in a previous post about taxing the rich and Bill Gates and his charities in Africa and the tax breaks they get. My question is this; What is the experation date on these chairitable medications? What tax breaks are the pharmasutical companies getting for dumping expired or close to expired medications in another country? My motto is to question everything our Government does or does not do. That is the best lesson we can teach our children. As far as Tim, Well he is a pest and I don't agree with everything he does. Unfortunalty the only way to get the attention of our lawmakers is to make a spectical of one's self. Screaming and yelling seems to be the only language this Government seems to respond to. So, my second question is this; Did our lawmakers parents teach them how to share let alone be resposible for the people who elected them? I'm not refering to you at all Senator in this post.

strawberryblonde said...

If you believe in good, wouldn't one have to believe there is an equal opposite "evil"?