Saturday, February 6, 2010

How The Legislature Can Reverse The Outcome Of An Initiative

Dear Senator,

Please explain to us how the legislature can repeal something that their constituents voted in 2/3 vote?

What they tell the masses IMHO when they pull these shenanigans is that WE THE PEOPLE do not matter. They don't care what we vote for..they are just going to over-ride what we want.

Is that how things work?

Dear Reader,
For the first two years after a successful initiative takes effect the legislature can not reverse the measure without a 2/3rd vote. But...after the two year mark the legislature just needs a simple majority. I-960 was approved in '07 and took effect after validation. That was just over two years ago. So, only a simple majority is needed to overturn I-960.
It is a rule thing...and it is in our State Constitution.

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gorillamum said...

Maybe that should be removed. It gives too much power IMO. The reason I like Thomas Jefferson is because he was oh so right about one thing. That we should have a "Contitutional Convention" every 20 years to "revise" not ammend the Constitution. Our Founding Father's could not have imagined toilet paper on a roll let alone cars, computers, or the Ipod. I look at some of the laws they come up with and by the tiime they pass it, it is so watered down it is useless and is insuting to "We The People."