Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pam Roach Stands By Her Claim

Last night I said on the floor of the Senate that I was the only legislator, according to the AP, that wrote their own blog. I believe that, still, to be true. Many other legislators have blogs but they do not necessarily write all that is in them. I do. Legislative staff will often provide information, create, write, etc. You see links to the legislature, etc.

Gotta go...floor action today. Late night. They gutted I-960for the second time.

"Go get em Pam!
Your floor speeches last night were great. I did want to correct you that there is another Legislator writing his own blogs. Rep. REuven Carlyle has been writing for over a year now. I love how he has been calling out DIS and the STUPID money spent on the hole on in the ground in Olympia."

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