Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Foyle's War" Top Pick

Foyle's War is a BBC series set during WWII in Hastings, England. I had a lucky Costco find at Christmas.

Jim and I just finished the series. Filmed over a four year period, each year reflects a war year. Christoper Foyle is a detective chief superintendent (DCS) or police chief. Each episode features an aspect of the home front during the war..and a couple of murders to solve.

We liked it. I haven't seen it at Costco recently but may be available on line.

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gorillamum said...

I love anything about WWII. My Stepdad served on the USS Enterprise. When the movie "Midway" came out he took us to see it since he fought in thet battle. He ruined the movie and kept surting out "It didn't happen like that and the flames weren't that bad, mostly smoke!" I laugh about it now. But I was watching a documentary on the Battle of Midway on the Military Channel and i swear I saw my stepdad on the big guns! What i wouldn't give to have any footage of him on the Enterprise. I have the V-Mail he had sent home during the war.