Thursday, February 4, 2010

CPS Admits Filling Home Studies With Rumors And Stories With No Regard To Truth

Yesterday, my aide Brian along with one of my government watchdog friends met with Children's Adm. people regarding the Willard Case (the grandparents of "Lilly") for a little more than 3 hours.

The subject was the second in-home study that had just as many lies as the first one done over a year ago.

Turns out CPS believes it is their responsibility to contact individuals who know the family and ask questions. These people are the "collateral" informers.
It was an 85 year-old "collateral informer" with dementia who told the department that Mrs. Willard had breast cancer...or maybe she was the one who told CPS that Mrs. Willard was minus one kidney and on dialysis twice weekly. I get my informers mixed up. In any event, you will recall that Mrs. Willard (at 45) had never had a mammogram at that point and so it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to know she had breast cancer. (She then spent lots of money to get the screening and prove she did not have cancer! If she had not done that... then her supposed affliction would stay in the report. But, it stayed there anyway!!!!Even after she turned in the negative breast screening test it remained in the report. CPS did not believe the report!!!) And, of course, she has both kidneys and no bi-weekly machine hook-ups.
The department admitted that they take unverified "stories" and put them as fact into their reports. In my own life, I am very familiar with star chambers and make believe dossiers written by people with agendas. And written because they have the power to do so. They enjoy the hurt and harm they cause others. It actually makes them feel good. Can you imagine getting off on harming people? It is a form of sadism that shows itself when evil people have unrestrained power. the room was decided that there was no proof Mrs. Willard was on dialysis or had breast cancer. This whole process has taken months. It takes months because the department desires that. They want to be able to tell the judge that there is more bonding now with the adoptive family. It is part of the game, a game that is repeated over and over all over the state.

The department does not care about the truth, apparently. Nor, do they care that a little girl has been wrenched from her home a year ago now.

There is more to the story.


Anonymous said...

They have no heart, no compassion no soul. They don't care about the destruction left behind as they close a case and walk away. They don't care if the lie, cheat or steal. They only care about the federal funding. If there was a way to utilize that law AS IT WAS INTENDED, there would be no child snatching,I pray for Lily and the Willards, may God shine his light on this case as well as many others and bring those children HOME!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a requirement that an investigator be licensed or possess training and licensing equal to that of a police investigator? If not then that needs to be codified. Also the law should make it so the bonding after the error occurs is never to be considered by court, period. (Most of the so called bonding is marginal at best anyway).

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,
I already made one comment but I wanted to add this. The department is very good about making false accusations and the responsibility lies with us to prove what they are saying is not true as is the case with my husband. We have heard from our granddaughter"s attorney that my husband has the startings of dementia and we have also heard that their might be child molestation although he was not accused of this, the department has insinuated this to several people and even our granddaughter's attorney. Now my husband would not do this to anyone and I know for sure,but he has to do testing. He has raised two daughters,two stepchildren,my two granddaughters partially and any one of them will tell you that he has never touched them inapproiatly. We have raised this child since she was 3 months old,changed her diapers,potty trained her and up until she left still had to help wipe her bottom, both of us did this.The counseling place where we took her lied about on one of our visits when my husband took her to the bathroom that he went in with her and did not come out when he was asked and that she was told that the bathroom was right outside the door, of which it was not, it was down the hall around the corner by the front door as you come in, and as she had never been there before she did not want to go by herself and I do not know what parent would make a child of that age go by theirselves. The whole thing is rediculous, but I do understand that there are some people out there that do, do this to children. But the Lord was watching over us because we do have proof of exactly what did happen quite by accident and I did not discover this until a couple days after I spoke with her caseworker. Only our attorney knows what it is and I don't know if we will be allowed to use it or not. Thank you for being there Senator Roach. We the people have to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

My partner in crime and I have given this exact scenario much debate time.

WE need a "NO LIE LAW" to cover these types of issues. The department should ALWAYS have to supply documents and collateral to back up what they are saying in these home study's or court for that matter.

If they are caught lying..send their behinds to jail. Union or does not matter. I'd like to see the union back them with that.

The state should also have to reimburse people that have to prove what the state says is false in these reports. One year and one day in good time!!

For the life of me I cannot wrap my arms around people that do this sort of thing and the reasons that they do it.

But I can tell you this..IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I would just love to have the resources to walk the dog and follow this money scheme.

They can spout accountability all they want..they can spout how they are changing the culture all they just does not make it so.

I have to work with most of these people for our clients, so I cannot be to cruel..I want these people to help..but at what price?

Just know that you could stand all of us at the gates of hell..and we will never back down..

Anonymous said...

The longer you have an "open case" the more drastic the lies. My last order stated that I used MJ 30 years ago. Now it states that I have a 20 year drug history! I have had the same physician for 20 years, served two terms in office, have a sibling who CPS granted custody too, 10 years ago, am a licensed foster parent, buying a home, was responsible for helping to get the Becca Bill signed into law; worked as a paralegal for our now, prosecutor, all in the 90's with exception to my foster license. My foster license is not yet 2 years old. Had another background check and fingerprints, attended training and CPR classes. I was coerced into surrendering my grandbaby and from her sister too. We have had to endure immense suffering and pain from this injustice. The CASA can hire my prior divorce attorney to represent them; they can find a witness who is friends with the foster to adopt mom, not present, to use against me, commit all kinds of unlawful activities, but, they get by with it. They are sovereign! We have no rights anymore. No rights to an attorney while we are wrongfully crucified in court, not able to defend ourselves because the laws state that we have no rights! Is this America or Russia? Where do we live? We are not a free country, folks. Not free at all.

Anonymous said...

no lie law....thought we already had one....
....perjury forgery and fraud is illegal...